In a world of pledges, Travwell launches to enable sustainable action

From: Travwell
Published: Mon Dec 06 2021

To help travel businesses achieve their sustainability goals in 2022 comes a brand-new consultancy, Travwell. Founded by the expert branding and marketing team behind Kemosabe combined with the operational analysts from TLC, Travwell launches to support tourism destinations, hotels and lifestyle developments act sustainably.

Delivering sustainably led marketing communications and strategy to the tourism industry to better protect our natural world, cultures and heritage through industry partners. Travwell help businesses shift from negative to positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity.

Travwell uniquely combines leading scientists, technologists, ecologists, economists and communicators together. Using internationally verified financial modelling, Travwell analyses, measures and provides destinations, hotels and lifestyle developments with a roadmap with clear KPIs, initiatives, programmes, and communication. Travwell is unique globally in combining operations and communication together.

John Speers, Director says "We all know the imperative and we now know business deploying greater ESG initiatives make more profit - 21% to be exact. There are many great initiatives, all building momentum towards what we need to do but no-one integrates the necessary services under one roof. Only by integrating authentic action can trust and prosperity be generated."

We all understand sustainability is vital. Travwell believes you'll never be able to pivot from negative to positive impact, without a calculated financial figure. Leo Downer Director says: "We go well beyond carbon and ensure all environmental and socio-economic issues are addressed, with community and cultural impacts measured and enhanced. From this comes the reduction, mitigation and effective communication of these initiatives."

With the analysis Travwell then provides a roadmap with clear KPIs, costs and solutions to help a business reduce, mitigate, and pivot from negative impact to positive contribution. This is then used this as a springboard for all new communications to stakeholders and customers. John Speers continues "It's a virtuous circle designed with the imperative of today, and we have designed the model and brought the people together to deliver it."
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