Man Creates Bioshelter Designs for Off Grid Lifestyle

From: Organic Shelter
Published: Wed Dec 22 2021

I asked him to tell the story of what motivates him to continue to persevere with his designs and creations.

" The buildings are works of art, and sanctuary for the human soul. This is a way to live in harmony with the environment and heal. Much of the wood that I use is not even costly lumber from Home Depot. You can find useful fallen timbers without harming living trees, if you have the patience to look and the desire to work for it. "

I was impressed with the creations, the beautiful designs that evoke the mystery of ancient people and their mythology. A playground for the renaissance men and women who are eager for something different. Something beyond the concrete jungle and sterile glass and steel barriers. The welcoming embrace of nature. I asked Robert to explain what is the one thing that preppers who want to live off the grid should know to be prepared for in the event that they have made the decision to proceed with their plans to enter the lifestyle of off the grid survivalism.

"Everyone who wants to live off the grid wants an easy ramp to get on board. Which is understandable. If anyone wants to try this lifestyle, they need to be prepared to work hard, learn skills and be emotionally prepared for unexpected obstacles to fulfilling their dream. I recommend using the services of a skilled and experienced person like myself, to get further along with fewer headaches. I welcome contact from the public regarding off the grid survival."

Robert maintains a website home of his gallery of photos and essays at the link below.
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