Compelling vegan novel 'Sentient' leaves indelible mark

From: Karl Russell
Published: Wed Jan 26 2022

Seen largely through the eyes of one man, we are given access to a dark industry, steeped in suffering.

An industry that does all it can to distance us from the truth.

For the protagonist though, the truth must be heard, and we are about to find out how far one activist is willing to go in order to change the world.

Against a backdrop of pain and regret driven by nightmares and memories of his darkest hour, Alex's existence is defined almost entirely by his desire to navigate the dark waters of a public opinion at odds with his own, in a relentless pursuit of liberation for all animals.

Renowned for his calm, tolerant, and affable approach, he is becoming increasingly frustrated and impatient with what he considers an unacceptable rate of progress.

'We need something big,' he confesses to Louise. 'Something seismic'.

A short, sharp, shocking MUST read
'This is a powerful novel with a strong message. The writing is relentless in pushing the point home; the writer is clearly as passionate as the main character, Alex. The climax of the story is shocking, and will stay with me for a long time. This is a book I'd urge anyone interested in veganism and human psychology to read. While it's a well-written, easy read, the subject matter is tough. It's a perfectly crafted manifesto concerning why we simply shouldn't subject animals to cruelty, and the frustration and anger vegans feel in society's indifference to suffering. I defy anyone to read this and not be affected. But read it you must. I'm also looking forward to Netflix snapping up the film rights.' - Verified Amazon Review

Insightful and impactful!
'The perfect balance of fiction and education! Not only will this book have you invested in Alex's journey, you will also learn so much. In today's society, we should all be educating ourselves about the treatment of animals and 'Sentient' does this in both a factual and emotional way. Would recommend this book to vegans and meat-eaters alike.' - Verified Amazon Review

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