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Published: Fri Apr 29 2022

· UAE-headquartered House of Pops offers healthy, five ingredient, plant-based ice treats

· Top up on Pops while topping up on groceries

Next time you feel like a guilt-free snack, head to your nearest Carrefour supermarket, where you can now find a range of House of Pops all-natural ice pops and ice creams.

House of Pops has risen to dominate the local frozen treat market, with instantly recognisable brightly festooned carts, kiosks and bikes, offering a new era in snacking with its natural ingredients, hand-crafted recipes, sustainability and happiness all wrapped up in an irresistible treat

Co-founder Mazen Kanaan says: "Our exciting deal with Carrefour means you can now find House of Pops with even greater ease. We have a footprint across the UAE, but everyone knows Carrefour - and probably has a local store nearby. House of Pops is riding the wave of greater consumer knowledge, which has led to demand for healthier treats. Carrefour understands and appreciates this trend."

Offering a chance for everyone to indulge in its guilt-free snacks, the House of Pops range is free from artificial colourings, flavourings, refined sugars, and rich in fibre. They are a fun, delicious way to get closer to your 'Five A Day' - and with an ever-growing selection of lovingly-crafted tropical and traditional ice pop flavours in its Happiness, Keto, and Royal range, you're spoilt for choice, too.

At Carrefour, snack hunters will now find a choice of three multipack options (each containing six pops).

The multipack flavours are KETO (higher fat, lower carb) (2 strawberry, 2 choco, and 3 coffee pops); Fruity (2 very raspberry, 2 mighty mango and 2 galactic lime) and Creamy (3 fancy choco and 3 crazy coconut).

If you want to grab one to enjoy in the moment, there is a range of single flavours - fancy choco, crazy coconut, galactic lime, mighty mango, very raspberry and super strawberry.

The pops and ice creams can be eaten anytime of day without guilt. Imagine having a sweet, indulgent pop straight after a workout, or offering them to the kids, safe in the knowledge there's no nasties.

House of Pops is rooted in a sustainable approach to its range - from the wholly natural ingredients, to the plastic free, compostable packaging. You'll spot the brand by its bright, colourful image, and its funky approach to 'spreading happiness one pop at a time.'

Mazen adds: "Now there's no excuse not to indulge in one of our super tasty, super healthy pops. You'll find them in the frozen aisles at Carrefour outlets all across the UAE. Our mission to spread happiness continues to gain momentum - and we are delighted to be driving people towards healthier, more sustainable eating choices."

The taste of nature on a stick

House of Pops' fruit-forward ice pops are vegan and feature just five or six natural ingredients. Its winning recipes are the secret behind its hand-crafted ice pops.

The Happiness range is essentially super tasty, super healthy frozen fruit on a stick. While there's a 'Fancy Choco' (cocoa and coconut) one in the range, the rest are fruit and natural sweeteners - but in awesome flavour combos like Super Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Galactic Lime, Crazy Coconut, Blackberry Lemonade and Pineapple Basil.

If Keto (high fat, low carb) is your thing, grab one of House of Pop's keto range, which is more akin to ice cream - but unlike any ice cream you've ever tasted before. Featuring organic coconut milk and cream, natural fruits and natural sweeteners, these guilt-free treats also feature vegetable fibre for extra health benefits. You can choose from Strawberry, Coffee, Vanilla or Chocolate flavours.

Royal Pops are larger - and dare we say, even more indulgent, ice cream bars, studded with real fruit pieces, making them the perfect healthy snack. The funky flavour catwalk includes indulgent Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, Coconut Strawberry and Mango Strawberry.

Happiness Pops and Keto ice creams come in 80ml servings, while the Royal Pops clock in at 123ml.

Good for people, good for the planet

With purity and people at the heart of its brand, and fully committed to nature, House of Pops strives to be good for its customers and the environment. It takes pride in plastic-free compostable packaging. The packaging can also be tailored for special occasions, making its allergen-free ice pops perfect for friends and family.

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