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Published: Wed May 04 2022

The Scale-Up Leader: Your Guide to the Next Level of Success, by Stuart Ross, is now available in hardback, here

After the successful launch of The Scale-Up Leader paperback and Kindle editions, author Stuart Ross has announced a hardback edition is now available to purchase.

The book has been highly acclaimed since its release in February, consistently receiving five-star reviews on Amazon. Delighted readers are already hailing it as an essential guide for entrepreneurs with Stuart receiving praise for his "art of story telling".

The release of the hardback edition of The Scale-Up Leader follows an announcement made by Ross that he will match and donate all future book proceeds towards humanitarian relief in Ukraine.

Ross, founder of Nottingham-headquartered accredited global coaching company High Growth, says: "The reception from The Scale-Up Leader has been incredibly enthusiastic, so it seems like the most natural time to add a hardback edition to the set.

"This is the perfect time of year for a book like this. I'd recommend getting your hands on it now, finding a peaceful spot in your local park or garden, and giving yourself the opportunity for some meaningful self-reflection on your growth goals and leadership skills."

Inside The Scale-Up Leader, you will learn essential tools to ensure you are armed with all the right tools, knowledge, and skill to take your business to the next level.

The leadership guide Stuart offers in this book includes strategies adopted by successful global business leaders, such as Facebook (Meta), who have recently updated their values to include the concept of 'Live in the Future', a management skill Stuart has been teaching clients for years.

Chapters include:
- 10 Scale-Up Leadership Characteristics
- Are You Committed? Or Simply Interested?
- How to Enjoy the Journey
- Are You Ready to Grow?
- How to Develop the Right Habits, and
- Get The Growth Mindset

This 220+ page book is all about developing the right scale-up leader mindset to enable you not only to grow but thrive, no matter what the world throws at us.

Stuart Ross teaches the tools, methodologies, and approaches required to scale any business - but this is not what holds back most businesses. What holds back most businesses are the leaders.

They need the mindset, beliefs, habits, and tools to grow faster than their business, teams, and competitors, for example. This book is about developing and honing the best leadership skills to help scale your business.

The Scale-Up Leader can be found on Amazon and via thescaleupleader.com


After a successful corporate career, Stuart Ross followed his passion of helping both individuals and companies realise their potential and moved into personalised coaching and training with an emphasis on total improvement. He founded High Growth in 2012 with a focus on growth organisations. Stuart quickly developed an enviable global reputation. With the publication of his top-selling books Needle Movers and Secrets of High Growth Companies, and the launch of the High Growth Academy, Stuart gained recognition across the UK and internationally. Today, a network of accredited coaches deliver the High Growth methodology. In 2021, High Growth introduced a new series of retreats for business leaders - more at highgrowthretreats.com


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