Boots launch child sunscreen initiative following summer health report

From: Boots
Published: Thu Jul 24 2008

According to research by Boots just 5% of children think they only need to wear suncream when on holiday abroad, while almost 1% believe they should only wear suncream when on holiday in the UK.

In response to its research findings, Boots has launched ‘Making Suncare Funcare’, a nationwide campaign to encourage kids to stay safe in the sun. The research, which was carried out amongst 1,051 parents and 1,041 children aged 5-10 by Redshift in July 2008, showed that the vast majority of parents (85%) are applying suncream to their children to ensure peace of mind.

In a bid to get kids ‘into the routine’ of safe suncream application, Boots has teamed up with X-Factor duo Same Difference to record an updated version of the popular children’s song ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’. The new lyrics and dance routine encourage children to apply sun cream in a fun, educational way.

The research also reveals that thousands of kids are choosing to miss out on summer fun rather than wear suncream. A third of children (32%) have opted to stay indoors rather than apply lotion – findings that could spell weeks of misery for parents and kids over the summer holiday period. 32% of kids have run and hidden from their parents to avoid suncream and a worryingly high proportion (28%) admitted to lying to their parents about putting it on. A fifth of children have rowed with their parents in a bid to avoid wearing sun protection. Some embattled parents are resorting to bribing (8%), chasing (17%) and scaring (15%) their kids into covering up with lotion. One in five mums (17%) said that getting their children to stay safe in the sun is the most common cause of family quarrels on holiday and a fifth have resorted to banning their children from playing outside because they refuse to wear suncream.

Mike Brown, Boots Suncare Scientific Adviser said, "It’s important that children understand the need to wear sun protection and parents shouldn’t be battling trying to apply suncream to their children. We hope the Funcare routine will go some way to help families understand why it’s so important to protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays."

Sarah from Same Difference said of the campaign, "The Funcare Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes song is so catchy, we hope that kids and families will have fun singing along and dancing to the routine over the school holidays this summer; and ultimately we hope it helps children stay safe in the sun without sacrificing the fun factor."

Parents and children can download the Boots suncare song at where they will also find tips and advice for staying safe in the sun. Further help for parents can be found in the new Soltan Once Kids range, a children’s sun lotion that has been specially formulated to offer up to six hours protection for little ones. The range also includes Soltan Kids Green Coloured Suncare Spray – kids will love the green colour and the spray is fun to squirt.

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