Valentine’s Day – Does and Don’ts. Don’t forget dating “etiquette”

From: The Right One/Together Dating
Published: Fri Jan 27 2006

Valentine’s Day. The weight, the pressure, the magnitude of the holiday makes many new couples shudder with anxiety and fear.

Here are some quick dating "etiquette" tips to put you at ease on the path to romance.

"Good manners, common sense and good behavior go a long way in winning someone’s heart," noted author of a recent book on dating, Paul A. Falzone, CEO of bricks and mortar dating service giants, Together Dating and The Right One. "Bad boys and bad girls may be alluring on the big screen, but in real life the nice guy and polite gal are more likely have good chemistry."

The following tips will help avoid dating disaster.

Plan ahead.
Don’t wait until the day before Valentine’s Day to ask him/her out for the night. You don’t want to make it look like a last minute thought.

Dress appropriately for the date.
You want to make a good impression so make sure you are wearing presentable attire. Don’t wear ripped or faded jeans. Women should wear comfortable shoes – not four-inch heels that would make walking or dancing difficult.

Don’t do all the talking
Make sure you give your date a chance to speak. It is important that each person gets to know the other.

How long should the date be
It is NOT recommended that you go out for a seven course dinner. Try a casual restaurant in your neighborhood, like a sports bar & grill. You can also go out for coffee or dessert.

Don’t be late
Be prompt. If you are not sure how to get to your destination call and ask for directions before you leave for your date.

Do I bring flowers?
It is not required that you bring your date flowers. However, it is a nice gesture. When in doubt, bring a few roses – you can’t go wrong.

Be responsible.
If you meet for cocktails, please make sure that you drink responsibly. It is strongly suggested that you go out for coffee or lunch.

Be honest about yourself.
Don’t feel that you have to show off by telling him/her how successful you are, how much money you have, etc. Just be yourself. Honesty goes a long way.

Make eye contact
Watch those "wandering eyes." Your full attention should be focused on your date.

What should we talk about?
Talk about your interests. And remember, enjoy yourself.
• Tell a joke to break the ice
• The latest movie you’ve seen
• The most recent book you’ve read
• What your typical work day is like
• Musical interests
• Favorite sports, hobbies, etc.
• Current events
• What you do for fun and relaxation

Common courtesy
Gentlemen – be courteous and polite to your date. Chivalry is not dead. Hold the door open. Assist your date when sitting down at the table and getting up to leave. Ladies – do not put on your lipstick at the table – excuse yourself and go to the ladies room.

Those awkward moments of silence
You’re meeting each other for the first time and that can be uncomfortable. That’s ok. Either acknowledge the silence and joke about it or introduce a new topic of conversation.

Avoid profane language.
Using foul language is a huge "DON’T." Because you don’t know your date very well, refrain from using explicit words. There’s a very good chance you could offend this person.

No interruptions, please
Don’t interrupt someone when they are talking. Wait until your date finished his/her story before you start chit-chatting away.

Leave skeletons in the closet
When you are out with your date, try not to make comparisons with past boyfriends/girlfriends. Remember, you are making a fresh start with someone. Leave past loves behind.

Everyone loves a compliment, especially if they look terrific. When you’re out, tell your date that he/she looks nice. It may help to ease the first date jitters.

What about a good night kiss?
If you feel that the date went really well and you like this person, then a good night kiss is OK. Otherwise, a simple thank you and a hand-shake is just fine.

Famous last words
Don’t say you are going to call the person after the date is over if you don’t mean it. False hope is a terrible thing.

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