AVG Anti-Virus Rescues Hydraforce Network from Virus Nightmare

From: Walling Data Systems
Published: Thu Aug 21 2008

Recent industry reports suggest that nearly 70% of U.S. companies are impacted by computer viruses every year, costing those companies billions of dollars in productivity loss, data loss, and damage to customer relationships and market credibility.

Five years ago, Hydraforce, a hydraulics manufacturer in Lincolnshire, IL, became one of these statistics – something the company had never anticipated, as they had always been careful to keep their anti-virus software up to date.

Don Shore, Hydraforce’s IT Director, had been using a well-known and widely used virus protection software on their network of 15 servers and 300 client machines, which serviced the company’s 500 users. So he was shocked when the network was overwhelmed by a virus and completely shut down – the existing solution had failed to detect and quarantine the culprit, allowing it to spread out of hand in a matter of minutes. With little time to act before the virus did permanent damage to the company’s data store, Shore needed to find a solution that would deal with the problem, and he needed to find it fast.

AVG Saves the Day

"We were scrambling to find something that would get this virus out of our network," remembered Shore. "We tried everything we could think of, but nothing was working and time was running out. My last best shot was to download AVG’s Free Edition, and it was the best decision I could have made. I was amazed that a free software program could find, identify, and remove a virus that a popular commercial product could not.

"AVG saved my network – and my neck – that day!"

Walling Data Seals the Deal
Once he’d had time to review the situation, Shore recognized that it was time to re-evaluate his anti-virus protection. "Obviously, after AVG’s Free product performed so well, I owed it to the company to check out AVG’s commercial offerings."

Hydraforce installed AVG’s Network Edition anti-virus protection, and it’s given them no reason to question that decision in the past five years.

"We’ve just renewed our subscriptions to AVG for the fifth time," said Shore. "This time, we decided to work with an Authorized AVG Distributor to help the purchase and installation process go as smoothly as possible. We selected Walling Data, who I’ve since learned is the largest AVG Distributor in the country, because they were offering free, round-the-clock support as part of their already-competitive license prices."

Not only is Walling Data is the longest-standing and highest-volume distributor of AVG Technologies solutions in North America, it is the only distributor to offer all its customers free, unlimited, U.S.-based pre- and post-sales support. "We haven’t had any issues with AVG that have required us to contact Walling for support, but it is reassuring to know they are there if we ever do need them. It also helps that there would be no surprise charges for support if we did have a problem", Shore added.

AVG: Powerful and Affordable

Although the fact that AVG tends to be priced lower than its competitors, Shore was more interested in finding a security solution that would prove a reliable barrier against viruses.

"The cost was never a big issue for us," Shore admitted. "We were and always will be more concerned with finding a product that we can have confidence in, something that won’t allow viruses to take over our network. We lost our confidence in McAfee, but we found it again with AVG."

About Walling Data Systems
Founded in 1994 in North Carolina, Walling Data Systems is a Value-Added Technology Distributor and IT Solution Provider offering innovative high-value solutions to everyday computer security problems for corporate, education, and home technology users. Walling Data was named an Authorized AVG Distributor in 2004 and is the only source for unlimited toll-free phone and "We-Do-It-For-You" remote control support for their AVG customers in the United States and Canada, one reason why thousands of customers each month choose Walling as their supplier of choice for AVG products. More information at http://www.avg-antivirus.net

About AVG
Founded in 1991 and with offices in the US and Europe, AVG is a leading international developer of Internet threat protection solutions for consumers and SMBs. AVG is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with more than 70 million active users around the world. The company employs some of the world’s leading experts in Internet security, specifically in the areas of threat research, analysis and detection. AVG’s award-winning products are distributed globally through resellers and over the Internet as well as via third parties through Software Developer’s Kits (SDK).

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