New Party to use General Election to Showcase New Policies-Press Release 11 April 2005 - Immediate

From: The New Party
Published: Mon Apr 11 2005

The New Party will use the run up to the May election to allow voters to compare a number of its radical and visionary policies to what is on offer from the established parties.

The New Party has been formed to give the people of Great Britain a sane, progressive and intelligent alternative to the existing parties which would now appear to consist almost entirely of career politicians painfully lacking in real life experience.

New Party spokesman Dr Nigel Knight, comments;
"In Westminster today vision and dedication have given way to expediency and self preservation. Once world class, we now struggle to compete and major problems lie ahead. Britain has great potential but it is constantly being undermined by short term fixes. If we do not raise both our own aspirations and the aspirations of our government, then we will de-motivate and de-skill an entire generation."

The 2005 election will provide a test bed to establish whether or not the electorate have become sufficiently concerned about the future of their country to give serious consideration to ideas which challenge established thinking. The New Party will announce three major policies each week over the election period along with sufficient background information to stimulate informed debate.

The New Party
Grown up Politics for Grown up People


Notes for editors:
1. The New Party is using the 2005 General Election process as a platform to present its policies and gauge public opinion
2. The New Party is not standing candidates this time round
3. The Labour & Conservative parties have now held exclusive power for over 80 years
4. A full list of New Party polices is available online
5. The New Party has the endorsement of Sir John Harvey-Jones
6. The New Party has developed its policies by combining real life experience with progressive philosophy and international research
7. The New Party is committed to replacing political dogma with progressive ideology
8. Dr Nigel Knight’s biography is available on the New Party website
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