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Published: Mon Aug 25 2008

‘Indiecater Vol. 2’ by mp3hugger is set to exceed the hundreds of sales received by its predecessor, which was digitally released at during the summer.

Tracks and artists featured in the new album include Montag - Going Places (Montreal, Canada), Ned Collette - The Country With A Smile (Melbourne, Australia), The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock - In Country Dark (Dublin, Ireland), Mumblin’ Deaf Ro - What's To Be Done With El Salvador (Dublin, Ireland), AM Syndicate - To The Peasants Of The Emperor (Austin, USA), Eagle Seagull - I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face (Nebraska, USA), The Van Allen Belt - The Status Quo (A Line Dance) (Pittsburgh, USA), The Very Most - Good Fight Fighting (Boise, USA), Venice Is Sinking - Pulaski Heights (Athens, USA), and The Ruby Suns - There Are Birds (Auckland, New Zealand).

Commenting on the new album, mp3hugger explained that despite the turmoil being experienced within the music industry there are fresh approaches and exciting new supply chains appearing daily.

‘The onset of digital releases has certainly helped a great deal in profiling the music of under-the-radar artists. Indiecater Vol. 2’ is quite different from traditional compilations as I am a music blogger and not a record label. The album is a release from a fan with no hidden agendas, as every song that appears on the album is hand picked for no reason other than the fact than I love it’.

Mp3hugger continued, ‘The compilation was put together through the goodwill of the acts involved although they will be getting a royalty for their contribution. There are no middlemen, no packaging costs, and no fingers in the pie so it can be sold quite cheaply. The ultimate aim is to focus attention on some great music that would otherwise have slipped through the (inter)net’.

‘The most satisfying thing about the release of the first album was the general thumbs up with which the music was received. Much of the album’s success can be attributed to the fact that many of the tracks, like those featured on the new album, are exclusive’, concluded mp3hugger.

The success of the Indiecater series of compilation albums has led to plans by the internationally renowned music blogger for a third compilation album in October and a Christmas album in December.

If you like new music, whether it is indie/electronica/rock or just plain old well-crafted pop songs, ‘Indiecater Vol. 2’ may well become your favourite new album. The compilation may be purchased (EUR4.50) directly from, which contains regular updates on future compilations.

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Notes to Editor:
- Mp3hugger may be contacted at or 00353+(0)871236317
- What mp3hugger said about tracks on ‘Indiecater Vol. 2’:
1) Montag, Montreal,
Going Places
After five seconds it sounds like Neu!, a minute later like Postal Service, and a minute
after that it's a Manitoba/Caribou-inspired montage of snippets of babble from all
corners of the world, overlayed, half-heard and tantalisingly just out of reach.
2) Ned Collette, Melbourne,
The Country With A Smile
This song makes a dour sideswipe at the illusion of choice, while offering a multitude
of melodies to hum all day. I'll go for the tuneful guitar that chimes in on the line
"Four days left and we've got nothing left to choose..." Ahh...
3) The Spook Of The Thirteenth Lock, Dublin,
In Country Dark
It doesn't sound like anything else, once a soulful banjo-fuelled paean to righteousness
that would fit snugly on the "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" soundtrack, but taking a
wild left turn into a haze of soft instrumental proggy noodling. Joyous.
4) Mumblin’ Deaf Ro, Dublin,
What's To Be Done With El Salvador
In a two minute plea to keep to country of El Salvador from splitting, Mumblin' Deaf
Ro hums about the national dilemma of protecting the currency versus promoting
foreign trade. And yet it's so catchy, the lines just stick in your head. This is how they
should teach Economics.
5) AM Syndicate, Austin,
To The Peasants Of The Emperor
It just bobs along sweetly on its gently lilting guitar melody and shuffling repeated
drum riff. Halfway through we get lost in curlicued guitars and lovely wordless sighs,
then find ourselves gliding to the finish line, the same melody riding on a wave of
cymbals and tumbling drums.
6) Eagle Seagull, Nebraska,
I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face
What if The Wedding Present wrote their break-up songs with hooky pop riffs instead
of an assault of guitars? Eli Mardock still sounds angry and anguished, but when you
can dance to it, the refreshingly direct put-downs ("Your face is a vacuum") sound all
the more amusing.
7) The Van Allen Belt, Pittsburgh,
The Status Quo (A Line Dance)
This deserves to be the feel good hit of any year. Hugely funny, sarcastic and
danceable, with tonnes of instruments bopping along in the background as lines
dripping with irony are belted out..."It's fantastic just being medium".
8) The Very Most, Boise,
Good Fight Fighting
No matter what the weather or where you are, it's summertime when this is on the
stereo. With sunny harmonies, glistening organ, and some whistling for good
measure, it plays like a long lost classic from Teenage Fanclub.
9) Venice Is Sinking, Athens (Georgia),
Pulaski Heights
Dreamy vocals, scratchy violin strings and buried in there what might just be a filthy
lyric. Half the song is a wonderful outro after an instrumental break has built; it eases
into multi-tracked male and female sighs, which then grow stronger as guitars melt
quietly around them.
10) The Ruby Suns, Auckland,
There Are Birds
Starts with a swagger, a simple riff and neutrally cool vocals that give way to a pretty
glockenspiel tune with dizzy sighs and some buzzy, slacker guitar. The second verse
gears up for an expectant noisy chorus but then gets swept away to an otherworldly
outro. What else can you do but press repeat?

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