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Published: Thu Aug 28 2008

Voice broadcast, is a mass communication technique that sends a pre-recorded phone message to hundreds of recipients, in record time. Messages are delivered to both humans and answering machines

John Breck, CEO and founder of IBuzzPro, has taken voice broadcast to a whole new level, a move which is no surprise those who know him. John has a 25-year successful track record of solid business management, including three sales organizations with over 300,000 distributors.

IBuzzPro, a rock solid and proven, 100% debt-free organization was established in 2006. It is first, and unique, in several of its features and services. John stated that he designed the system especially for small businesses, because he knew how challenging it could be for those with limited marketing experience.

What has IBuzzPro got to Offer Internet Marketing Business Opportunity Seekers?

Primarily, IBuzzPro has the lowest voice broadcasting rates. Clients are charged only for calls that connect. Each call is billed on 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds. A call of less than 30 seconds costs 1.9 cents; and a 1-minute call costs 3.9 cents.

Next, the system’s exceptional and unique features, give it the cut above the rest. It is user-friendly, and was rated 10 out of 10, by Voice Broadcasting Industry Experts. Among its many features are:
• Press 1 transfer technology
• List Scrubbing against disconnected phone numbers and the Do Not Call List.
• Pre-recorded Messages
• Pre-written Marketing Scripts
• Professionally recorded messages for marketing campaigns
• Ability to record and/or Upload messages
• Lead Capture Voice Mail Box with 800 number
• Ability to reformat Excel CSV lists.

Furthermore, there is no question that IBuzzPro has the best Customer Support System in the Industry. The majority of company personnel hide behind email or website addresses, and resolution to a problem may take weeks, or never achieved. IBuzzPro’s Customer Support Team members are living, breathing persons – Experts – ready and willing to respectfully answer queries, and assist in speedy problem resolution.

Also, John Breck did not found a system, sell it, and like many others, leave those who acquire it, to figure out how it functions. He ensured that they have the opportunity to master the system. Hence, at no cost, IBuzzPro provides the tools, live training and instructional webinars all week long. Then, there are recorded training videos, webinars and conference calls accessible to those who are unable to attend the live sessions, or who need to review something.

Finally, IBuzzPro has an inexhaustible supply of Consumer and Business to Business leads, and if needed, will provide personalized Capture and/or Landing Pages.

Certainly, IBuzzPro is absolutely the revolutionary business system that is changing the way people market on the Internet. This business model is truly The Power Tool of Industry Leaders and Millionaires.

For more information on IBuzzPro go to http://www.ThePlatinumVault.com

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