Nano Bamboo Charcoal Technology in Socks

De-odorizing Socks that contain all-natural bamboo charcoal.

[ClickPress, Mon Feb 06 2006] "The active ingredients of these wonderful socks is actually bamboo charcoal!" said Robin Low,'s CEO. "We call it Eco-fabric, and it is anti-bacterial and deodorizing."

This bamboo is the Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens), the world's most porous bamboo from the Jhushan ˇ§Bamboo Mountainˇ¨ region of Taiwan. Eco-fabric in fact, does not contain any chemicals that kill bacterial and fights odor, all the benefits are simply from bamboo. The bamboo contains many pores in its structure, making it excellent for absorbing odor-causing chemicals, controlling temperature, and voiding moisture -- and an ideal fabric for footwear or undergarments. The bamboo is also naturally biocidal, and safely inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungii.

Eco-fabric's is actually a fairly simple concept, but the benefits we get from Eco-fabric are great. Eco-fabric is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, thermal regulating, deodorizing, does not generate static and it emits far infrared energy. It is a great material for footwear and socks.

Far-infrared energy penetrates beyond the skin level and is absorbed efficiently by cells below. Near-infrared is mostly absorbed at the skin level and raises the skin temperature. Far-infrared rays can penetrate up to 4 centimeters (about 1-1/2 inches), exciting the vibrational energy of molecules and resonating with cellular frequencies ˇV as a result, FIR rays promote bioprocesses such as increased metabolism and blood circulation.

ˇ§We canˇ¦t waste Eco-fabric to manufacture regular socks,ˇ¨ says Gary Chiu, operations director of Greenyarn. ˇ§We need the latest technology possible to leverage on the benefits of the material. We use 200 needle count machines, the densest in knitting technology for socks.ˇ¨

All Greenyarn socks are 200 needle count, made using a patented "3-D knitting" technique. Most other socks today are just 128 needle count, which offers less cushioning and can cause circulation problems or "tired feet" for people who spend most of their time at work standing or moving about. Greenyarn's 200 needle count socks are also cushioned in the soles and are reinforced in the heel and toe, together with an arch-band and Y-heel pocket. This ensures that the cushioned sole will not be flattened even after hours of wearing, making them highly comfortable to wear. Containing Eco-fabric, these socks are healthy and comfortable.

ˇ§The advanced Eco-fabric socks are actually affordable.ˇ¨ Says Ben Wiley, accounts manager of Greenyarn. ˇ§For about $10 a pair, they are definitely value for money and weˇ¦ve got great feedback from our customers wearing them.

Greenyarn just launched its online store in 2006, and Greenyarn is looking for stores that are interested in the product in USA. "We support the development of advanced, green materials and we manufacture final products," said Low. "Our mission is using green technology to improve people's lives."

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