Local law firm says redundancy needs to be seen as an opportunity

Published: Mon Sep 08 2008

With the economy struggling and many people worried about their jobs, local law firm Oxley & Coward Solicitors of Rotherham has some words of comfort and encouragement. The practice is urging people to view redundancy and this time of uncertainty as an opportunity rather than a threat, because it could in fact be the catalyst for very positive change.

There is no denying that businesses in the UK are beginning to struggle and many employees are now in the shadow of redundancy due to unexpected market factors. Added to this, the same market factors mean that, for such employees, finding a new job locally in a similar field as their previous position could be difficult.

Oxley & Coward’s Rebecca Stopford explains: "This has already happened to some estate agency staff; as agency offices are shut down across the country similar opportunities are few and far between. Likewise for conveyancing staff and former employees of the building and banking industry. Also, due to the new found thrift of the general public, retail businesses and those providing any luxury consumer goods and services are showing signs of a definite slow down.

"We don’t want to downplay the stress, worry and inconvenience of potentially losing your job. What we would say, however, is that many great businesses and new careers have sprung out of adversity. And it’s those who react positively and make a positive choice to make changes that tend to fair the best in the long run. If you have been employed for some time you should have a tidy sum of redundancy money. A redundancy pay-off may be just what you need to invest in that great business idea you have always dreamed of."

There are many pros and cons of starting up a business and many legal issues to consider about company formation, patents and trademarks for example. If you have a business idea and would like to take advice upon whether you should pursue it in the current climate make sure you take early legal advice.

Rebecca Stopford added: "People often need advice and guidance to point them in the right direction and highlight things they may not have considered. Our first half an hour is free of charge so you can contact us without obligation and start to work out whether redundancy or the threat of it might actually be the best opportunity you have ever been dealt."

One local firm that Oxley & Coward recently helped through the legal and contracts minefield was B Thornton & Sons of Masbrough, Rotherham. Kevin Rowbottom liked the company so much, he bought it! And, with the help of the Commercial department of Rotherham Solicitors Oxley & Coward, Kevin is now the boss of his own bakery where he has worked as an employee for 27 years.

Call Rebecca Stopford, Company and Commercial Partner at Oxley & Coward Solicitors on 01709 510999 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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