Tony Killeen T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, has confirmed that the Department of Agriculture has sanctioned a once off lifting of the restriction placed on REPS 2 and 3 farmers from grazing animals in upland areas of the Burren before October 1st.

[ClickPress, Thu Sep 11 2008] The North Clare T.D. confirmed that the decision had been taken in light of the impact of animals grazing on lowland areas that have been adversely affected by record-breaking rainfall this year.

Minister Killeen said that participation in REPS 2 and 3 is guided by traditional farming practices whereby animals are moved from lowland areas to upland grasslands during winter.

‘This year, however, we have witnessed extremely wet weather conditions, which have made the movement and grazing of cattle in lowland areas extremely difficult for farmers. I am delighted to confirm that the Department has agreed to lift the October 1st restriction on condition that individual farmers notify the local Department of Agriculture office of their intention to move animals’, he stated.

‘The approval of once off early access to the firmer winterage lands in upland areas of the Burren will be of benefit to farmers, the environment and animal welfare’, explained the Junior Agriculture Minister.

Minister of State Killeen pointed out that the Department’s decision comes just three weeks after Minister Brendan Smith announced a six-week extension of the REPS slurry-spreading deadline.

Meanwhile, the local IFA member paid tribute to the positive work being undertaken by Burrenbeo, Burren IFA and the Burren Connect Project in working to secure sustainable incomes for the local population.


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