In a recent YouGov survey, commissioned by WPA1 as part of a series of quarterly surveys on the UK populationís view of healthcare, 97% of those questionned never or only sometimes believe what the government says about the NHS

[ClickPress, Wed Feb 16 2005] In the January 2005 survey: 64% of the UK believe that over the last 12 months the NHS has not changed or has deteriorated; 58% believe waiting lists are staying the same or getting worse; 76% would choose to go privately if money was no object; Only 6% believe that, by 2010, the NHS will be so good that there will be no need for private treatment.

Notes to Editors:
1. WPA is one of the UKís leading medical insurers. Based in Somerset, it is a not for profit association with a history of over 100 years.

Background to survey:
WPA has commissioned YouGov to trend the UK populationís views of health in the UK. Two surveys have been carried out (September 2004 and January 2005) and it is planned to conduct them on a quarterly basis. Each survey consisted of 4 standard questions and a fifth question that was topical at the time of the survey.
Question September 2004 January 2005
Population of respondents 1937 2197
1. Over the last 12 months, do you think that the NHS has been:
Improving considerably 4% 4%
Improving slightly 22% 25%
Not changing noticeably 38% 40%
Deteriorating slightly 15% 14%
Deteriorating considerably 13% 10%
Donít know 8% 6%
2. Do you think NHS waiting lists are:
Staying about the same 32% 31%
They are getting better (shorter) 23% 28%
They are getting worse (longer) 31% 27%
Donít know 14% 14%
3. If money were no object, would you choose to have treatment on the NHS or go privately?
NHS 20% 18%
Private 74% 76%
Donít know 6% 6%
4. Do you believe that by 2010, the NHS will be so good that there will be no need for private treatment (Yes or No)?
Yes this will probably be the case 8% 6%
No, this probably will not be so 86% 87%
Donít know 6% 7%
5. Do you think that if people did have to pay a modest amount, say £10, to see their GP, you would get better service/ attention from your GP when you visited them? Only asked in September 04 survey
Yes Ė would get better service 20%
No Ė would not get better service 45%
Would no longer be able to afford to see my GP 31%
Donít know 4%
6. Do you believe what the Government says about the NHS - always, sometimes or never? Only asked in January 05 survey
Always 2%
Sometimes 57%
Never 40%

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