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Published: Wed Sep 17 2008, website promotion and search engine optimization provider for 6 years, has released results from its straw poll, regarding the relation between SEO and the credit crunch, and how advertising appears to be the first thing to go - and not rightly so.

SEO and The Credit Crunch, do they really go hand in hand? What is the first thing to be cut back on when a business finds itself struggling due to the national and international financial climate. A straw poll conducted by website marketing provider says it is advertising, and streamlining of budgets with regards to all elements of marketing and promotion.

However, whilst the straw poll found that some in the online business world tend to shut down their advertising to effectively 'cost-cut' when times are hard, it also found bizarrely that the majority of online businesses polled, budget cutting in their marketing campaigns also believed that by doing so the situation might only become worse for them - whilst those customers still searching for their products and services will now only find their competitors who have not ceased promotional spend on SEO and other advertising services.

"Those who shut down their advertising might as well shut up shop", was the consensus between business still rallying behind the notion that by increasing spend, or at least by maintaining it they could in fact attain more of the market share than before, as the competition who were once in their place were no longer visible.

Whilst the credit crunch is effecting not online business, but traditional 'bricks and mortar' business, true recession may only be 6 - 12 months away depending on which financial analyst you choose to believe. If this is to be the case, online business should look at SEO, and the power of natural rankings in the search engines to alleviate the burden during what could be difficult times ahead. By spending now, to achieve more later, it might help signal less of the death knell over the months to come. is an online promotion and SEO company, serving the website business community for 6 years. For more information on how Servicewrap can help you beat the credit crunch please visit them at or make contact at
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