NeoCardium Ltd – A New Service Facilitates Regenerative Cardiology Drug Development

From: MRI Limited
Published: Mon Sep 22 2008

Market research division of MRI Ltd, a British corporation, recently released a seminal research report on commercial product development landscape in the field of regenerative cardiology, one of the most heavily funded areas of medical research in human history. The report available at profiled well over 80 biotechnology companies engaged in growing new coronary vessels and cardiac muscle to improve the functions of heart. This report for the first time identified unique problems that the biotechnology companies developing various therapeutic approaches to non-surgically grow new human heart tissue are facing. The essence of those problems and their solution is best expressed in the words of a renowned regenerative medicine expert Dr Anthony Atala: "a therapeutic approach in regenerative medicine is like priming the pump and expecting the body to do the rest."

Although in perfect agreement with Dr Atala’s concise expression of therapeutic approaches in regenerative medicine, Dr Fazal Raheman, CEO, MRI Ltd, points out that, "regenerating heart tissue involves certain unprecedented physiological oddities that perhaps make asking the body to do the rest automatically, too much to ask of the patient’s heart. In a nutshell, our approach is all about priming the pump and enabling the heart to do the rest."

"Building up on our research, we are now making our unique technology platform available to all our potential clients in regenerative cardiology business. Our application of this new approach to patients of coronary artery disease represents an extension of work done over many years by basic science researchers and the clinicians," says Dr Raheman.

Currently several hundred clinical trials for drugs to induce regeneration of heart are registered with the government registry of clinical trials. Despite such unprecedented activity, the results of clinical trials reported so far have failed to successfully reproduce the encouraging pre-clinical animal data. "We believe that our products and services will enhance the efficacy of current therapeutic approaches and assist companies in getting their protein, gene or cell therapy products for regenerative cardiology approved," asserts Dr Raheman.

To serve the cardiology industry better, MRI is launching a new subsidiary dedicated to providing range of exclusive services to companies with protein, gene or stem cell therapies in their heart repair pipeline. "NeoCardium Limited will provide fast track consulting and clinical trial services in addition to furthering its own non-conflicting product development. The website is now open for business," Dr Raheman informs.

The launch of NeoCardium website coincides with the filing of the first of the three patent applications that build up the NeoCardium technology platform. The title of the patent application is: A Novel Triphasic Regenerative Cardiology Treatment Regimen for Myocardial Conditions.

Further information on NeoCardium’s technology platform can be obtained by visiting the Company website.

About NeoCardium Limited
NeoCardium Ltd is a British Corporation currently wholly owned by MRI Limited, another British Company. NeoCardium is formed to provide consulting and product development services to clients engaged in clinical development of novel treatments for heart conditions that can be benefited by promoting growth of new tissue to replace, supplement or revascularize the non-functional or under-functioning myocardium.
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