Business Experts to Help Make US Presidential Debates Easier to Swallow

From: yourBusinessChannel
Published: Tue Sep 23 2008

The US presidential race is heating up, and this Friday the two men seeking to occupy the most powerful office on earth go head-to-head in the first of the US presidential debates. The eyes of America and the world will be on Barack Obama and John McCain as they battle over key campaign issues in three 90 minute debates, broadcast live to air, over the next month.

But only the most dedicated political junkies will manage to catch all the debates. And even those that do will struggle to absorb everything that is said across four and a half hours of televised debate. That’s why online business TV channel yourBusinessChannel is assembling a panel of business experts to help you get to the core of each debate.

‘We all know that the world of political campaigning and speech-making can be clouded by bluster and hot air’, says Mark Sinclair, features editor with the online business television network , ‘and nowhere is the air hotter than in the US presidential elections. So we’re producing a series of shows, providing a succinct, reliable summary of the key outcomes of each debate.’

The episodes will be released on the business television network shortly after each debate, and will comprise a very succinct summary of the key points of the debate, distilled down by business experts . The team of experts, who are also behind yourBusinessChannel’s Presentation Guru product to help people present with more impact, will analyse the contribution of each candidate from a communications perspective, and provide unique insight and commentary on the points that are made.

Each week yourBusinessChannel produces dozens of business TV shows for businesspeople and entrepreneurs. The free shows feature expert business development advice on a wide range of topics. The presidential debate series will also be made available on yourBusinessChannels’s business tv channel on YouTube .

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