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Published: Tue Sep 23 2008

One of the highest-profile subjects on the Internet this year has been an important facet of online marketing: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A successful SEO effort can dramatically increase both visitor traffic and conversion rates. But optimizing a web site for Google and other search engines requires the crafting of attention-getting copy, and finding keywords that will place a web site firmly ahead of its competitors. ThoughtOffice Corporation's linguistic experts have developed a sub-$200 program called PR|Pro that helps users find or create over seven million possible words or phrases. The result is typically lower cost-per-click and higher value for web marketers and their clients companies. The software also includes six key Idea Development Modules that help users develop SEO programs, advertising campaigns, and marketing plans quickly and efficiently.

"Since 1991, we've been developing these tools to address every key area of marketing, sales and promotion, and more recently, Search Engine Optimization," says ThoughtOffice CEO Mark Alan Effinger. "The software's embedded word-association engine provides a massive number of responses, generated from your single entry. Depending on the number and type of words in your search terms, your results may include hundreds of keywords and search terms that Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL love, but perhaps you've missed or ignored them because of their peripheral relationship to your business. That's easy money on the table, in the search engine world."

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization), is an term used by online marketers, describing the process of "perfecting" the content of web pages and advertising to yield best results from the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and AOL. In the case of ThoughtOffice PR|Pro, its patented word and phrase association engine helps users to find popular keyphrases and keywords, and save them for quick reference later. PR|Pro also features keyword-tagged image searches, prompting the user to create even more keywords based upon the resulting images. The software also features an expandable architecture that can address other specialized tasks, such as product development or screenwriting.

"We've also taken into account that our users may be either experts in the field, or first-time marketers, so we've created comprehensive Idea Development Modules with input from PhDs, MBAs, and Fortune 500 executives with decades of business experience," mentions David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice Corporation. "The program lets users open a Module and tap the minds of dozens of experts in fields as diverse as Marketing, Advertising, Copy Writing, or Web Site Evaluation. You have instant access to their expertise, as they ask hundreds of questions that focus your promotional concepts, setting you on a fast-track path to revenue."

One example of the power of the word-association engine is searching for terms related to the word "Red". With PR|Pro, users instantly found hundreds of references to "Red", including Claret, Ferrari, Communist, and Tomato. Depending on the web site's type or category, any one of the terms above might bring low-cost, high-conversion traffic. This typically means visitors click through to the site because they searched for that specific term, and then took action or purchased because the web site "spoke to them" with familiar phrases (keywords) or colloquialisms that resonated with the visitor.

Starting at only $147.00, ThoughtOffice PR|Pro is available for Windows XP, Vista, and Macintosh OS X. The suite includes the core ThoughtOffice program, plus six expansion modules for Public Relations, Creative Writing, Advertising, Marketing, Public Speaking, and Evaluation of a broad-spectrum of issues or situations.

PR|Pro also includes a free media broadcast package (value up to $499) provided by RichContent, a leading online media submission portal. Users of the RichContent package quickly and inexpensively double their visibility and placement on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

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