Will Radio One DJ’s Get Personal with NewReg.co.uk?

From: NewReg
Published: Wed Apr 13 2005

Personal car number plate company NewReg.com has compiled an exclusive list of Radio One DJ personal number plates currently available from the online database of more than 40 million.

DJ Plate Value/£
Chris Moyles C1 MOY 875.00
Jo Whiley W111 LEV 875.00
Gilles Peterson G111 ESJ 1,745.00
Huw Stephens 475 HUW 1,945.00
Judge Jules R1 JLS 2,445.00
Trevor Nelson T12 EVA 4,795.00
Sara Cox 18 COX 4,895.00
Edith Bowman E1 DTH 6,595.00
Bobby Friction BOB 9Y 6,995.00
Ras Kwame RAS 9 9,995.00
Colin Murray 111 COL 10,795.00
Mary Anne Hobbs 11 MAH 11,815.00
Vernon Kay 4 KAY 13,135.00
Pete Tong PET 3 14,395.00
Vernon Kay 1 VER 14,995.00
Sara Cox 54 RAS 22,490.00
Jo Whiley JO 10 25,295.00
Judge Jules 11 JJ 26,695.00
Rob da Bank 8 ROB 44,155.00
Fabio FAB 1 68,995.00

The exclusive list coincides with the launch of more than seven million new 05 numbers this month (March 2005) meaning that that many new words can be legally spelt out on personal car registration plates for the first time in the UK.

Wayne Rooney, Christians and Star Trek fans are amongst thousands of UK car drivers with good reason to celebrate the December launch of the new 05 number plates!

Car-owning Christians can scoop ‘AP05 TLE’ to avoid missing the boat. And Star Trek fans can ‘Live long and ‘PR05 PER’’ for the first time whilst driving in the UK.

‘SL05 HED’, ‘RO05 TER’, ‘XP05 ERX’, ‘CR05 SER’, ‘FR05 TED’, ‘LO05 EST’, ‘GH05 TED’, ‘BO05 TER’ and ‘BO05 TUP’ all now feature in a seven million strong list of new 05 plates in a fully searchable database on the NewReg.com website.

NewReg.com is expecting the new 05 plates to fuel increased demand amongst shrewd investors – hoping to ‘PR05 PER’ from the increasing value of personal number plates.

NewReg.com marketing manager Markerle Davis said:

"It’s all about getting in as quickly as possible after the release date and anticipating the future personal value. Some of these number plates can exchange hands for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

"RO05 NEY will soon be available for example. Recent media reports revealed that a young entrepreneur in Manchester speculated on a RO03 NEY number plate a few years ago and is now holding out for a price tag in excess of £20,000."

Launch prices for the 05 plates to start from £599 with certain combinations - mainly name plates featuring three letter combinations like SUE, PAM, ROB or say, SAM - slightly more expensive.

NewReg.com Marketing Manager Markerle Davis said:

"Number plates are enjoying a surge of popularity in the UK at the moment. In particular, personal plates are becoming a must-have accessory for any self-respecting celebrity. And we have more than 40 million to choose from. That means that whether you’re celebrating a one-off event or simply choosing a plate with your initials - there’s every chance we’ll have the perfect number."
Company: NewReg
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