New Approach to Analysis of 2008 US Presidential Debates Taken by Online Business TV Channel

From: yourBusinessChannel
Published: Wed Sep 24 2008

A fresh perspective on the US presidential debates is being promised by a panel of communications and business experts currently being assembled by leading online business television network yourBusinessChannel.

The crack team of business experts will be taking a different approach from other political pundits. Its analysis will focus on the performance of the candidates from a marketing and communications perspective, drilling down to the core messages each candidate was most successful in conveying, including who ‘won’ exchanges over particular campaign issues, and why.

The team of leading business experts, also responsible for developing yourBusinessChannel’s Presentation Guru product, will help identify the key thoughts that people can take away from the debates.

"Most of the business owners and executives that we deal with are very busy people", says Mark Sinclair, Features Editor with the online business television network. "They understand the importance of the election, but don’t always have the time in their schedules to watch every televised debate. So we see a great opportunity to provide a fresh perspective on the presidential race, one which is relevant to small business people around the globe."

None of the business experts are in any way affiliated with either of the US political parties, so the neutrality of the shows and any expert business advice they give is guaranteed. Says Sinclair, "Our business experts are uniquely qualified to strip away the rhetoric and tell you everything you need to know about the debates, in accessible three minute slots."

yourBusinessChannel is a small business television channel that specialises in producing business TV shows packed with advice and tips from recognised business experts. The presidential debate series will also be made available on yourBusinessChannels’s business TV channel on YouTube.

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