UPS Systems installs hydrogen fuel cell at Baglan Energy Park

From: UPS Systems
Published: Thu Sep 25 2008

UPS Systems plc has installed a fuel cell within the University of Glamorgan’s Renewable Hydrogen Research and Demonstration Centre at Baglan Energy Park, South Wales. Hydrogen produced from renewable sources is a potential solution to future energy problems, providing a carbon-free fuel.

The new Centre, scheduled to open in October, was initiated with EU funding, and now has long- term funding guaranteed by the University. The Centre will demonstrate the viability of hydrogen production from a range of indigenous renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power, and evaluate the benefits of using hydrogen as an energy storage medium for these intermittent renewables.

As well as supplying a fuel cell and inverters for the Centre, UPS Systems is designing a controller unit, with supervisory software, that manages the system. An electrolyser will produce hydrogen using power from different renewable sources. Once compressed and stored, the hydrogen will then supply the 10kW fuel cell which will, in turn, power parts of the Centre and associated facilities.

"Until now, many have seen hydrogen fuel cells as ‘technology of the future’. In reality it is a viable solution for many applications today, offering clean power - the only emissions being water and heat - and a genuine alternative to diesel generators," said Professor Dennis Hawkes, one of the team developing the project on behalf of the University. The fuel cell will be demonstrating an alternative energy source, providing a solution that is quiet, clean, low-maintenance and reliable whilst helping reduce the Centre’s overall carbon footprint.

UPS Systems managing director Tom Sperrey commented, "The Renewable Hydrogen Research and Demonstration Centre will highlight the potential of hydrogen power and fuel cell technology. The new Centre will bring together technology and expertise, demonstrating hydrogen fuel cells as a reliable and effective medium of both prime and backup power."

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UPS Systems plc ( is the UK’s largest independent supplier of standby power solutions. Because of its independent position, allied to close working relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers, the company is uniquely able to offer impartial technical advice on the widest range of standby power solutions. An authority on fuel cell technology, UPS Systems implemented the UK’s first two commercial hydrogen fuel cells providing standby power, and is currently working on projects where the technology will be used for the supply of backup or prime power to telecommunications, remote telemetry, portable signage and renewable energy applications.

The University of Glamorgan ( has built the Renewable Hydrogen Research and Development Centre to raise awareness about the various means of generating hydrogen from renewable resources and to demonstrate that the energy from hydrogen can be used in everyday situations. The Centre will provide a facility for research into various renewable hydrogen topics and aims:
• To produce high quality scientific research in sustainable environmental technologies,
• To advance knowledge and provide trained scientists and engineers to meet the needs of the industry,
• To enhance the standing of the University of Glamorgan both nationally and internationally.
Located at Baglan Energy Park, South Wales, the Renewable Hydrogen Research and Development Centre is part of a range of hydrogen energy research activities conducted by the University of Glamorgan’s Hydrogen Research Unit.

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Baglan Energy Park ( is emerging as one of Wales’ premier business and industrial locations and is a testament to what can be achieved through an effective public private partnership between the Welsh Assembly, BP and Neath Port Talbot Council. The 180-acre park is part of the county borough. The development strategy for Baglan Energy Park was designed to encourage inward investment, improve perceptions, and make Neath Port Talbot a key business location in South Wales.

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