Traffic Tickets Bring Opportunities to Entrepreneurs

Published: Wed Apr 13 2005

WASHINGTON – Now that one small business has made it big, they have opened their opportunity to other small businesses and individuals to share in their success – preventing undeserved traffic tickets from faulty speed and red-light cameras.

PhotoBlocker (tm) has been on the market for just over two years. This innovative product is in extremely high demand in all areas of the world where speed cameras, red-light cameras, and toll-booth cameras are in use.

Millions of people receive undeserved traffic citations in the mail from faulty cameras, but there is little they can do about it after the fact. PhotoBlocker (tm) enables them to prevent tickets from faulty cameras in the future. The press continue to report on the many instances when these cameras malfunction and send tickets to innocent drivers.

PhotoBlocker (tm) is a simple spray can that when applied to a license plate does not in any way alter the appearance of the plate to the naked eye, but the flash picture makes the number on the plate unreadable.

One spray can provides enough to coat the license plates of four cars, and the cost is less than $30. PhotoBlocker (tm) is made and distributed by PhantomPlate, Inc.

"We have begun making our product available to distributors world wide, and we have started an affiliate marketing program for Internet marketers," explained Joe Scott. "The demand is only growing as more and more cities add additional cameras every month."

Dealers are offered a guarantee that they will receive a 500 percent return on their initial investment. There is no charge to be a dealer other than the cost of actual inventory. So far the biggest selling dealers have each sold over 50,000 units each.

There is no cost to become an affiliate. The affiliate marketing opportunity enables people who are already selling products on the Internet to sell PhotoBlocker as well. They simply use a unique marketing link to the web site which gives them credit for sales they make. The best affiliate representatives have been making over $7,500 a month in commissions.

Dealers stock inventory and market the product directly to consumers. Consequently they are given the best price on inventory. Affiliates do not purchase inventory. Instead they simply direct web traffic to the company web site where sales are made for them and drop shipped to the customer.

Joe Scott

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