Free Low Carb Diet Forum Created to Help Individuals to Lose Weight

Published: Thu Oct 02 2008

A free low carb dieting forum has been created by one of the low carbohydrate diet pioneers, . While the website has been helping people to lose weight using the low carb diet concept for over 8 years, it has just released a new question and answer system that allows anyone to have their questions answered by other users from around the world who are currently following a low carb diet or are considering it as an answer to their weight loss program.

The forum which is located at has over one thousand questions and answers that were submitted by fellow low carbers. The term "low carb diet", "controlled carbohydrate", "reduced carbohydrate"or "low glycemic" diet is a term used to describe the lessons taught in many popular dieting books such as the Atkins diet, South Beach diet, Protein Power diet, Zone diet or Sugar Busters diet.

Most of these diet programs vary significantly, but follow the same basic concept of limiting or eliminating the carbohydrates found in food from your daily meals. In addition they have also teamed up with another popular health and fitness forum to help answer any other general dieting or fitness related questions.

Since it's creation in 1999, has been helping users to reach their low carbohydrate dieting goals free of charge and hopes to continue to support this increasingly popular form of dieting.
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