Giunti Labs runs its first joint learn eXact LCMS and Hive DR user group after its acquisition of Ha

From: Giunti Labs
Published: Tue Oct 07 2008

Both user bases will convene at Giunti Labs’ headquarters in Sestri Levante, to discuss and examine fully fledged, open service orientated solutions – including the use of rich media, mobile and virtual learning content production, management and rendering toolkits - to provide open and interoperable digital repository services.

Hosted by leading learning and mobile content management solution provider, Giunti Labs, the first ‘Hive & learn eXact Joint User Group’ conference – ‘Opening repositories; releasing content’ will examine market trends as well as discuss key business needs and how they are being addressed using Giunti Labs’ solutions. Delegates will see how Hive and learn eXact users can produce - from an existing learning infrastructure - advanced multi-device, multi-channel and multi-platform authoring, management and delivery in one click.

The event is sponsored by Giunti Labs’ partners Promethean, Cegos, Plateau, Cisco and IBM. These companies will also be presenting their achievements and offerings extending Giunti Labs’ solutions into the corporate training and mobile learning fields.

"In addition, a series of workshops, on both HarvestRoad Hive and learn eXact will introduce product and module roadmaps and release plans," explained Fabrizio Cardinali, CEO of Giunti Labs. "This includes a preview of the new learn eXact and Hive SOA services, as well as the first modular integration of Giunti Labs’ flagship and the award winning eXact Packager and eXact Mobile solutions for the Hive Digital Repository infrastructure."

Delegates also have the opportunity to join the Digital Educational Content Marketplaces (DECOM 2008) conference on 23rd October. This conference, which is also being held in Sestri Levante, debates the future of the educational publishing industry – in particular, its ability to adapt to, and exploit fully, a new generation learning content production, management, sharing and distribution models

The results of delegates’ deliberations at DECOM 2008 will be summarised in ‘The Sestri DECOM Declaration’. This document will be presented to the EU Commission as a set of suggested policy actions to support a transition towards digital content marketplaces for Educational Publishing in Europe.


Notes for Editors

Agenda: ‘Opening repositories; releasing content’ will discuss:

• State-of-the-Art User Needs & Solutions
• Building SOA Architectures, Partnerships and Solutions for better Learning Content
• Hive DR and learn eXact LCMS Service Oriented Architectures & product roadmaps update
• Developing XML contents using eXact Method and eXact Packager Suite
• DR Publishing plug-in for eXact Packager
• Developing Mobile & Location based Learning Content using eXact Mobile
• Developing Digital Content Marketplaces and Portals using HarvestRoad Hive

About Giunti Labs
Giunti Group is unique in the international publishing industry. Giunti history goes back to 1841; since then the group has become one of the largest publishers in Italy. Over the years Giunti has built a catalogue of huge dimensions (over 7.000 titles) and acquired new brands in Italy and worldwide.
Giunti Labs, which has its global headquarters in Italy and offices in London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Lund (Sweden), Boston (US), as well as Sydney and Perth (Australia), provides a wide range of solutions, in response to any content, learning and knowledge management need, covering:
• Content production
• Technological solutions for content, learning & knowledge management
• Delivery solutions for mobile & wireless
• Consulting and professional services
In 2008, Giunti Labs acquired the HarvestRoad Hive digital repository system, which manages any form of content used in online learning, corporate training and knowledge management initiatives. HarvestRoad Hive can interface with practically any ERP, Learning or Course Management System and is already integrated with several commonly used course management systems, authoring and content assembly tools.
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