From: Saddleback Leather Co.
Published: Tue Oct 07 2008

Saddleback Leather Co. enters the political arena with an essay contest based on the question, Which Saddleback bag and color best matches the presidential candidates John McCain or Barack Obama? Two $500 first place gift certificates (one for each candidate essay) will be awarded after the election along with two $100 gift certificates for the first runners up.

Saddleback Leather Company President, Dave Munson, released the details of the contest this week, and discussed the goals of the competition, as well as his own rationale: "One of the things I enjoy most about our company is the customer-cultural interaction our products generate. This new contest is certain to bring that interaction to a higher level yet...and, at the same time, we'll have a lot of fun doing it." Munson's uniquely designed products (Briefcases, backpacks, duffel bags, satchels etc.) are sold and distributed around the world. Along with this large and diverse customer base, SBL has developed a strong following of customers who have sent in hundreds of stories and photos of their "bag adventures" around the globe; Munson feels that the new essay contest is a perfect fit for his clientele, "Our customers tend to be active, thoughtful, and very opinionated...and with the current political climate heating up, this contest will be a good outlet".

The heart of the contest has to do with the core SBL belief that these products are more than just high-end carry-alls; in fact, Munson maintains that his bags possess their own individual character and personality, plus some qualities that defy labeling. "We offer dozens of different types of bags, in varying sizes, shapes, and colors; each bag evokes its own unique image, which either matches and resonates with the customer, or is immediately seen to be a mismatch."

When discussing the political aspect of this contest, Munson states, "We are not lobbying for either candidate or party; Republican or Democrat, although, in the final analysis, if a candidate does not recognize the clear superiority of our bags over all competitors...then we would probably question their ability to lead the country." Munson explains the contest as an attempt to determine which SBL bag is the perfect fit for each Presidential candidate. Essay writers must demonstrate, in 300 words or less, why a specific bag speaks to one of the two candidates' personality, character, leadership style, etc. Two winners will be selected (one for each candidate); winners will receive a $500 gift certificate for the purchase of SBL products with runners up receiving $100 worth of credit at ADDITIONALLY, Saddleback Leather Company will offer the winning bag to each candidate with a copy of the winning essay, plus a handwritten letter from SBL President Dave Munson "...guaranteeing that, this bag will enhance your presidency and serve to bring out your best qualities while in office."

All entries must be submitted by, November 4th at 7:00 p.m. CST to: One entry per person please. By submitting the essay, you are giving Saddleback Leather permission to post your essay online.
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