Express Oil Change & Service Center Launches “Change Your Car’s Oil And Help Change A Child’s Life”

From: Express Oil Change LLC
Published: Fri Oct 10 2008

Keeping children safe is a priority for every parent, but we can’t keep them safe if our cars are not. Hot summer conditions take a toll on automobiles that can affect reliability and even create dangerous driving hazards. That’s why autumn is the ideal time to have the family car inspected and serviced.

Throughout October—National Car Care Month—the 47 Express Oil Change & Service Center® locations throughout Central Alabama will donate $1 from each oil change, maintenance, repair service or purchase to the UAB Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Children’s Hospital. Children’s Hospital is the state’s single largest provider of specialized pediatric services for all forms of cancer, leukemia, brain and spinal cord tumors, hemophilia and other bleeding disorders and sickle cell diseases.

"The care these children receive from Children’s Hospital of Alabama is immeasurable," said Ricky Brooks, CEO for Express Oil Change, LLC. "Our mission of service and the mission of Children’s Hospital of Alabama are highly aligned. Our stores and employees are excited to be able to give back to the programs that benefit the children and their families."

"Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. so we can think of no better charity to partner with for this than Children’s Hospital," said Clay Creveling, Vice President of Marketing for Express Oil Change, LLC. "The best time to check out a maintenance and repair facility is before you need one. Motorists usually need no more than 10 minutes to have their vehicle looked at by one of our professional technicians who can quickly determine if any maintenance or repairs have been overlooked and need to be performed."

Services offered include everything from oil changes, tire rotation and balancing, headlights, wipers to brakes, batteries, belts, and other mechanical services. To ensure automobile safety and reliability and to protect the precious lives of children everywhere, consider these tips:

* Check all fluid levels, lights and belts and hoses. Refill, replace or adjust as necessary.
* Inspect and replace wiper blades if they are more than six months old.
* Look at the level and condition of the oil. Change the oil according to manufacturer's specifications. Older vehicles and severe driving conditions, however, may require more frequent oil changes.
* Check the coolant. Flush and refill coolant if it has been more than three years since the last change.
* Inspect tires, regardless of vehicle age or mileage for wear and under-inflation, and checking brakes if the vehicle has more than 30,000 miles on the odometer or it has been more than 30,000 miles since the last brake work.

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