StreamUK Provide Amnesty International with all Streaming Media Requirements

From: Stream UK
Published: Thu Apr 14 2005

Stream UK specialises in Streaming media and Digital Rights Management solutions, as well as maintaining their own global content distribution network. Amnesty International has a requirement for a robust and scaleable streaming media solution, to communicate their messages to a global audience.

A combination of a content management solution, secure server access and rapid media deployment were necessary for the project.

"By supporting Amnesty International, through our expertise and experience in streaming media, we enable the organization to reach its audience swiftly and effectively. We are delighted to be helping make this happen," said Alfie Dennen, StreamUK Partner Relations.

"Working with StreamUK will allow us to expand our webcasting abilities, which will in turn help us to communicate our human rights concerns to an ever-expanding online audience," said Donnacha DeLong, editor of news.amnesty .

Press Contacts:

Donnacha DeLong: Donnacha Delong, ph: 020 7413 5806.

Alfie Dennen: Alfie Dennen ph: 020 7419 1820
Company: Stream UK
Contact Name: Alfie Dennen
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 0044 20 7419 1820

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