JK Harris Helps Couple Reduce Debt

From: JK Harris & Company
Published: Thu Apr 14 2005

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – When Samuel M. was injured on the job and workman’s compensation wouldn’t cover his expenses, he just knew the strong credit rating he and his wife had fought hard to build was gone for good. What Samuel didn’t know at the time was that JK Harris Financial Recovery Systems could help him out of his dilemma.

Samuel later found out that JK Harris Financial Recovery Systems could negotiate with creditors to lower their debt and then provide monthly counseling which would get them back on the road to success.

After a meeting to determine if they could be helped, Samuel put FRS to work. JK Harris cut his debt of nearly $5,000 in half. FRS then advised him to pay the balance off on several small accounts. By following JK Harris’ advise, Samuel’s credit score was improved enough to help him qualify for a home mortgage – something he couldn’t do before contracting with JK Harris.

"JK Harris helped us with our credit problems," Samuel said. "They worked with our creditors to reduce interest and made settlement offers that we could not have done ourselves."

A plumber, Samuel sued and won to get his expenses covered by workman’s compensation, and is now back at work. His wife has taken a job as a mortgage loan officer. Armed with a strengthened credit report, they sold their home and qualified for a mortgage on a new house.

"Thanks to JK Harris for helping us regain our credit and debt-free life once again Samuel said. "JK Harris was there for us and helped get our credit back to where it should be."

JK Harris Financial Recovery Systems became a member of the JK Harris family of companies in October of 2002. With operations based in Owings Mills, Md., FRS is a leading provider of services to help consumers nationwide reduce their debt.

JK Harris FRS attempts to lower the debt through negotiations with creditors and then works with clients to make sure lump sum and/or installment payments are made. Unlike non-profit debt consolidators, JK Harris FRS does not collect funds from clients and then distribute them to creditors.

JK Harris Financial Recovery Systems is a division of JK Harris & Company, LLC (www.jkharris.com), based in North Charleston, S.C. JK Harris & Company is the nation’s largest tax resolution company, and has representatives available to meet with clients in 45 states. Since its founding in 1997 by John K. Harris, JK Harris and Company has serviced more than 130,000 clients. JK Harris also provides services for commercial debt, student loan debt, investment fraud, financial planning, mortgage services, tax return preparation, and assisting individuals who require support for an IRS audit.

Editor’s Note: The names and locations of the customers cited in this article have been changed to protect the privacy of the customers. While this is an accurate account of the results obtained by these customers, JK Harris does not claim that they are typical results that all customers should expect to achieve.

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