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From: Liberty Album
Published: Mon Oct 13 2008

Robert Lauri’s Liberty album is now Available from Major Download Websites Worldwide

The new album contains eleven varied titles, including two instrumentals, Energy and Heritage.

Each track has its own musical ambience, as have the tracks Liberty, Je Ne Peux Plus, J'ai Si Peur, Toi, Mon Destin,C'est Lui and Sweet Love. The lyrics of those songs are by Claudine Marousek-Dornhakl. The lyrics of the tracks Te Dire Adieu and Sur Un fil are by Chantal Allon. They translated the different atmospheres by their talent and their magic words.

The Liberty album was recorded in Paris and New York City and reflects the riches of those different cultures by mixtures of several musical styles. The Liberty project is the fruit of the joint efforts of Alain Pype, famous French sound engineer, and Robert Lauri. Pierre Chereze, an extraordinary guitarist and François Causse, an excellent drummer accompanied Robert Lauri on the different song worlds.

Three tracks, "Liberty" ("Liberté") and "So Much Love, So Much Hate" ("Tant s’aimer, tant se haïr") and "C'est Lui" ("it's Him" ) are released as singles.

With the single "Liberty", title and extract of the album composed and performed by Robert Lauri, the public sets off on the discovery of the new album of the same name – "Liberty". This song is at the same time a mixture and an example of synergy between the Pop and Rap musical genres.

The English adaptation is by Vivien Goldman. The English voice is that of Laura Carbonell Smith. The Rap part is written and performed by Robert Lauri’s son (Jessy), JNB.

The single "So Much Love, So Much Hate", is one of the album’s varied moods where intense choruses rise in a hum, while a Scandinavian-style walk provides the backdrop rhythm. The musical arrangements are the fruit of the collaboration between Robert Lauri and Danielle Bennaim. The lyrics are by Jean-Pierre Gresset de Bourbon.

One of the album’s most varied numbers is "Energy", where the rhythm builds up, borne by a harmonious ensemble of instruments, to linger for a while on a sensual interlude of lyrics sung by Robert Lauri. From that point on, the musical theme evokes a joyful tune symbolising the song's title, "Energy", and makes the track as such an international "all-seasons" instrumental of good cheer.

Two albums with some hits and some till today, unreleased timeless songs are now also available: " "If I Die By Chance And Still Believe In It" ("Si je meurs par hasard et j'y crois encore"). A biography about the career of the artist is released, Spotlight on Robert Lauri. The lyrics of most of those songs with the author details and collaboration between Robert Lauri and Chantal Allon are published in this book.

Robert Lauri has been an author, a composer and a performer since his tenderest years. His musical career has been punctuated, for more than thirty years, by some records and a successful international career - both in the United States and in Europe - with the Alef Band.

For further information on the artist’s career: THE OFFICIAL ROBERT LAURI WEBSITE

Robert Lauri's MYSPACE : http://www.myspace.com/robertlauri

Alef's by Robert Lauri MYSPACE : http://www.myspace.com/alefbyrobertlauri
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