The First Man of the White House – Make No Mistake – He is Not Somebody’s Patsy

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Published: Mon Oct 13 2008

Joseph Flynn really goes to town with an abundance of excitement and suspense in his latest novel, The President’s Henchman. At a time when America is used to the idea of a woman running for president, this novel makes for a very interesting read. From reviews received so far, it appears to be a NY Times best-seller in the wings for this prolific and imaginative writer.

Henchman is the story of Jim McGill, America’s First Man of the White House, who is strong-willed and with a mind of his own – with a whole different persona than one would expect. McGill is a former Chicago cop who met Patricia Darden Grant before she became president when he solved her first husband’s murder. He turns down the job of heading up the FBI, and instead gets his license and becomes the first private investigator to live in the White House. As McGill’s first case gets underway, the reader joins him on an action-packed journey of unpredictable twists and turns as he tries to uncover who is stalking a member of the White House press corp before that stalker turns the tables on him or, worse still, the president. While working this case he assists an investigator on an alleged adultery charge against a female colonel at the Pentagon – which has the potential of derailing the new president’s administration before it even has a chance to begin.

Joseph Flynn will once again thrill his readers with his latest novel. The President’s Henchman has all the makings of a NY Times best-seller, surpassing even his other great novels, The Next President, Digger, and The Concrete Inquisition, just to name a few. Check out Flynn’s website at:
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