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Published: Wed Oct 15 2008

Franchise Documents Online have made it possible for business owners to purchase a complete pack of franchising templates suitable across a wide variety of industries.

Interested people can view the documents online and order a complimentary sample pack by email. Orders are placed with the secure services of Paypal and customers receive the word-formatted templates the same day. An easy solution to a sometimes complicated business model.

Fifteen sets of franchise templates are sold as a complete pack, including a franchise sales brochure, full franchise agreement, disclosure templates, sample business plans, all together with complete operation manuals, including thousands of pages, photos, images and data.

The franchise manuals are written in such a way to connect with the franchise agreement or simply act alone as a comprehensive business operation manuals and or training package, including an Introduction To Franchising Manual, Franchise Location and Design Manual
Occupational Health and Safety Franchisee Manual, a Customer Relations Franchisee Manual, Operational Procedures Manuals, Personnel and Staff Management Franchisee Manual, Reporting and Payment Manuals, Stock and Supplies Manual, Advertising Manual, Marketing Manual,
Accounting and Administration Franchisee Manual and Franchisee Forms and Reporting Schedules.

Users can simply download the pack and use the find and replace function to complete and customize the documents. Complete backup, support and customised services are available on request.

Overall result gives you a professional franchise presence at a fraction of the cost.

Value you can’t go past, view the samples online or make further enquiries online.

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