BanManPro™ Version 9.0 Ad Server Software for Windows ASP.NET/SQL Server Released

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Published: Thu Oct 16 2008

AdComplete today unveiled BanManPro Version 9.0 Ad Server Software for the ASP.NET Windows Server platform. This major update lets website owners offer targeted, measurable advertisements to advertisers wanting to purchase advertisement space with the state-of-the-art tools to track impressions and click-through rates. Refined decision tools allow advertisers to make best use of their advertising expenditures. Expanded feature set greatly simplifies the process of managing targeted website advertising space with cross-platform deployment flexibility. The new Lite Edition introduces great value into the Internet banner software marketplace.

In addition to offering advertisers the capability to target advertisements to specific groups and measure Return On Investment (ROI) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), BanManPro™ lets advertisers adjust their campaigns in real time based on up to date statistics of measured impressions and click-through rates. This helps brands reach the right audiences with optimized campaigns, which helps increase target viewer interaction.

Website owners will benefit from operational flexibility and simplification with this fully web-based solution that enables integrated, cross-platform advertisement placement. The Full Version can be run in fully optimized mode for high traffic website compatibility. Your target website can be running on any type of server (UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, etc.). BanManPro™ Lite Edition has a core feature set and provides incredible value to website owners needing a robust and best-of-breed advertising solution with minimal capital expenditure and an easy upgrade path.

Upgrading from Lite to Full Versions can be done at any time with a simple license upgrade. A side by side comparison of the features of the Full and Lite Editions of the BanManPro™ Internet Advertising Management system can be found at under "Features."

The Internet advertising marketplace needed a value solution that allows small and medium sized businesses to leverage technology to monetize website traffic with minimal expenditure and IT depth. BanManPro™ Lite Edition fills this void and provides tremendous value to companies who need to grow their business on a budget.

AdComplete provides free installation services to licensees who need assistance and want to get things running as soon as possible. BanManPro™ is written in Visual Basic (VB.NET) and runs on Windows ASP.NET 2.0+ Servers with Microsoft SQL Server. See for more details on system requirements. Un-compiled and Multi-Site licenses of BanManPro™ are available for enterprises with need for ad server customization.

BanManPro™ 9.0 is available now and will be available immediately to existing clients in the form of a license upgrade. BanManPro™ Version 9.0 Full Edition is priced at US$695. BanManPro™ 9.0 Lite Edition is priced at US$395. The upgrade from Version 8 to Version 9 is US$199.

New Features in BanManPro™ Version 9.0:

1)Supports Companion Advertisements, Buddy Ads.
2)Languages supported: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian.
3)XML language files can be localized by user.
4)Option to place daily, weekly, and monthly caps on impressions or clicks.
5)Unique URL for each site in a multi-site configuration so that ads are called from that URL.
6)Refined user interface and navigation.
7)More reports and report options for Advertisers and Users.
8)New order export file option for external payment processing.
9)Audit Log added to keep a history of all tasks performed by each user.
10)Built-in Advertiser sign-up and purchase options expanded.
11)Added communications tool to email alerts/updates to Advertisers and Users.
12)Enhancements to security and password management.
13)More campaign and advertising media/banner delivery options.
14)Added ad-blocker defeater technology.
15)Expanded keyword campaign options and flexibility.
16)Refined ad delivery algorithm with catch-up capability.
17)Memory safeguard for Internet Information Services (IIS) running with low memory.
18)Added load-balanced server environment optimizations.
19)Enhanced spider detection and management.
20)Geographic-targeting (Geo-targeting) performance boosted.

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Founded in 1999, AdComplete is a Microsoft platform ISV specializing in the development and direct sale of Internet advertising software solutions worldwide. Our solutions include Ad Serving Software, Affiliate Marketing Software, and Email Marketing Software. Our Ban Man Pro™ line of ad server software is now in use in over 40 different countries serving ads on over 3000 web sites.
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