Accountants Edition of Xero web-based Accounting System Helps Small Businesses and Accountants Work

From: Xero
Published: Thu Oct 16 2008

Finally, a workable solution to the ‘my receipts are in the shoebox’ scenario. It’s a web-based accounting system that offers a simple process for small business owners to enter their expenses and manage bank transactions. Then, when it’s time to crunch the numbers, their accountants simply log on to the same system and go to work.

Xero Accountants Edition is a new version of the web-based accounting system that is earning praise for being easy for business owners to use, but also detailed enough to work for accountants.

Xero Founder and UK MD Hamish Edwards says the Accountants Edition of the online accounting system is a simple alternative to the traditional "shoebox" situation. One that’s quicker, easier and more effective.

"Even if you don’t actually do your own bookkeeping, there’s still a lot of time caught up in getting your paperwork together and explaining transactions and expenses. Doing your accounts online with Xero Accountants Edition you just enter the information once and forget about it," he says.

"You don’t even have to worry about getting the information to your accountant. They simply log on to Xero and the up-to-date figures are ready and waiting in a full accrual web-based accounting system."

Edwards says for accountants the Accountants Edition of Xero’s online accounting system is a way to help clients keep up-to-date and manage their accounts better.

"They’ll thank you for that."

Moving to online accounting using Xero Accountants Edition offers other specific benefits for accountants, including:

· Bank statement data capture (that’s easy to keep up to date)

· Easy-to-run VAT returns and management reports

· 24/7 access to clients’ real time financial information

· Year-end compliance becomes much more efficient

· Having a standard system for all clients speeds up processing time

• Everything is online so you can work with clients across the UK

Xero Accountants Edition is available via Xero accountant and bookkeeper partners.

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