Bankruptcy Specialist in Oklahoma

From: Alliance Home Lending
Published: Thu Apr 14 2005

"There were many reasons why I decided to get out of the auto business, but the main reason was family and true love" said Ron Tittle with Allaince Home Lending(
After a brief stint in Tulsa Radio and a couple of years in local television, "it was clear to me that I would rather have fortune than fame. It was time to change jobs!"

"Many years ago an associate of mine had suggested car sales. And I must admit I absolutely hated the job. But, I was making the most money I had ever made before and was driving a free car. Within a year, a High school friend of mine had heard I was in the business so I was recruited for more money to another dealership. Shortly after the move, the dealership hired the top special finance manager out of Oklahoma City who had set many records and had made tons of money, so now our dealership had the only and first special finance department in Tulsa. In addition, he selected two salesman to assist him. I was one of the two. And since that time I have helped thousands of people who have had a chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, etc. for years re-establish credit. You name it, I've seen it, and solved it."

"I've always enjoyed helping people and was one of the first here in Oklahoma to say and recognize that bad things happen to good people." One of the reasons how he knew was personal experience. "I filed Bankruptcy a few years ago after a divorce so I completely understood what these good folks were going thru and how difficult things can be and most importantly understood that it can happen to anybody.So after many years of seeing people being taken advantage of and being treated disrespectful, I decided to take a high road approach and became a bankruptcy consultant for several dealers in the Tulsa area." But after working late nights and saturdays for over a decade, and recently turning 40, "it was begining to become so crystal clear what I was missing in my life. Everything!"

"A few months ago I was at a dealership and had learned that a girl that I had known since 7th grade and absolutely adored was recently divorced. I was so sick of serial dating, a term that I heard somewhere that made me laugh hysterically, so needless to say I was very interested in talking with this hometown girl. To make a long story short there is a strong love connection and we have plans to be married in the near future. Ron now brings that same passion of helping people regardless of thier situation or credit- great,good, or bad, with a first mortage, 2nd mortgage, new purchase, re-financing, or consolidation. "I now completely understand for family's and for me-There's no place like home."

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