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Published: Tue Oct 21 2008

Travel in Nepal features high on the itineraries of most people who visit Asia and it’s easy to see why. However, if you’re looking to give back while in Nepal and take a volunteer vacation there are options for that as well.
If you’re thinking of volunteering in Nepal for part of your travel in Nepal or gap year in Nepal, i-to-i can help. i-to-i has a range of meaningful tours and volunteer placements that will help make vacations in Nepal more memorable and worthwhile.

Options for a Volunteer Vacations in Nepal:

Teaching English at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal

Many schools in Nepal lack the funds to provide effective English language training. Native or fluent English speakers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly to a child's educational development. Career prospects for children of Nepal often rely on their knowledge of English, and by teaching English, volunteers become an important part of the community. For more information on this volunteer vacation please visit: http://www.i-to-i.com/volunteer-projects/teaching-english-in-nepal.html
The ‘Teaching English at Buddhist monasteries in Nepal’ volunteer vacation in Nepal lasts for 2 weeks and costs $1090, including accommodations and meals.

Community work at child protection homes in Nepal

Children's homes were established in Kathmandu with the aim of providing a home and some education to children whose parents are currently in prison or for those at risk from their families. There is currently no social support system for children if their parents are sent to prison so they either have to go with them or end up on the streets. Therefore volunteers have a vital part in contributing to the care and daily lives of these children. For more information on this volunteer vacation please visit: http://www.i-to-i.com/volunteer-projects/volunteer-work-with-children-in-nepal.html
This volunteer vacation in Nepal to work in children’s homes lasts for 2 weeks and costs $1090, including accommodations and meals.

Since 1994,i-to-i, has been the award-winning leader in volunteer vacations,TEFL(teaching English as a foreign language)training and job placement abroad.Each year,i-to-i sends approximately 5,000 volunteers to 500 projects in 35 countries and helps 15,000 people gain the certification necessary to teach English overseas. i-to-i volunteers contributed approximately one million hours of service last year.

i-to-i offers volunteer vacations in countries such as: Ecuador,Brazil,Uganda,Indonesia, Malaysia,Madagascar,Zambia,Vietnam,Ghana,Costa Rica,Honduras,New Zealand,Australia and Vietnam.
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