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From: Laparoscopy Hospital
Published: Wed Oct 22 2008

Laparoscopic Prescriptions, when handwritten, are notorious for often being illegible. Our Automatic Laparoscopic Prescription writing software is developed by Pioneer Laparoscopic Surgeon Prof. R.K. Mishra is so easy to learn and use, you will quickly be able to generate legible patient consent, Postoperative note, discharge card and medication prescriptions by only few clicks, saving you TIME and MONEY ! Your staff can easily reprint prescriptions as needed.

Extra features include the ability to generate reports and letters on-the-fly. Even you can edit the style acconding to your words and you can use it even for your OPD prescription writing History taking and Hospital Data Managemnt. This software Create prescriptions with as few as three keystrokes. Most of the postoperative general advice, diatery advice and medications will be pre-defined, with the ability to add on-the-fly. In this outstanding software developed by Prof. Mishra.

Prescription Renewals can be quickly generated from previous prescriptions or from previously prescribed medications. Status of patient preoperative and postoperative tests are automatically available. Surgeon can even insert the pictorial findings taken during laparoscopic surgery in his prescriptions with the help of this software. The Prescription discharge card and OT note generated by this software is completely error free and there is no drog interaction error will occur if the surgeon will use this software.
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