The New Party to Give Everyone Shares in Their Country

From: The New Party
Published: Fri Apr 15 2005

The New Party proposes to heal our two tier society and give everyone a decent start in life by issuing shares in the country as a birthright. It has often been stated that, in a democracy, the people are sovereign; however, the New Party proposals will put this concept into practice by giving each and every one of us physical shares in the nation, the value of which will vary in accordance with the economy.

New Party economist Dr Nigel Knight comments:
"Our ongoing failure to prevent a great number of children being borne into poverty and deprivation has resulted in many of these children becoming social misfits with many of them going on to bring still more underprivileged children into the world. It is abundantly clear that if we wish to create a country fit for future generations, then we must give everyone a decent start in life and heal our divided society."
"National Stock" recognises that the nation, like a business, has assets and liabilities and that its future depends on it being run in an efficient manner. On the asset side, the nation has land, property and shares. It also has secure revenue streams from taxation along with deposits of gold and foreign currency. As liabilities it has to pay for the supply of essential services and infrastructure such as health, education, and roads, and it has to make provision for pensions and public sector borrowing commitments.
National Stock will give everyone their own personal share of the nation’s assets and help the government to manage public finances. Shares will be distributed annually in two parts: a standard allocation to each individual, plus additional shares based on tax payments. Those of working age will also receive an allocation to reflect past national insurance contributions. Proceeds from Inheritance Tax, Death Duties and estates fallen to the Crown will be ring-fenced to fund the starter shares of the next generation and those unable to work.
The New Party
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Notes for editors:
1. Full explanatory notes on National Stock are available at
2. New Party economist Dr Nigel Knight’s biography is available at
3. The New Party has been formed to give the people of Great Britain a sane, progressive and intelligent alternative to the existing parties
4. The New Party is using the 2005 General Election process as a platform to present its policies and will announce three major policies each week over the election period
5. The New Party is not standing candidates this time around
6. The Labour & Conservative parties have now held exclusive power for over 80 years
7. The New Party has the endorsement of Sir John Harvey-Jones (see
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