ElizaJ shares tips for being the perfect host to party guests

From: Eliza J
Published: Wed Mar 01 2006

Adults are just as crazy about parties as kids. From traditional holiday parties to Halloween costume parties, mystery dinner theatre parties or birthday bashes, adults are no longer sitting on the sidelines and letting children have all the fun – they’re "mixing it up" with sophisticated theme parties of their own.

Whatever the reason or season, party hosts envision their party will be perfect and come off without a hitch. But, as Eliza Kendall, founder of ElizaJ, providers of upscale, self-contained restrooms for special events, explains, it takes plenty of planning. And, with 12 years of experience in the event business, Kendall knows that first and foremost, a perfect host/hostess always acts in the best interest of their guests.

Kendall shares tips for being a perfect party host/hostess:

• Always provide plenty of food, especially if guests will be drinking alcohol. Can’t cook or bake? Have your party catered. It costs about the same amount as buying and preparing the food yourself!
• Ensure that there are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand. If you are making a festive punch, use a fruit juice as a base, especially if you are adding alcohol to it. Alcohol is absorbed into much faster when combined with carbonation.
• Hold a theme party. This will help to keep guests focused and amused. Theme parties keep your guests involved in the celebration.
• Entertain your guests. Hire a band or DJ, play party games, bring in a comic - or at least make sure that the "class clown" is invited! Keep things moving along with activities and you’ll be the toast of the town.
• When the day or night begins to wind down, offer a variety of delicious desserts, coffee and tea.
• Make arrangements for guests who may have had one drink too many. Ask them to stay, drive them home, or arrange for a cab or a sober friend to take them home.

"Halloween and New Year’s Eve are great examples of how adults refuse to sit in the background and just let kids have all the fun. Adults will spend hundreds of dollars on costumes and attire and hold elaborate parties. A good party host or hostess will serve great food and keep guests entertained, but above all, they will act in their guests’ best interest. If guests have been drinking alcohol, a good host/hostess ensures that those folks either stay over or have a safe way to get home," explained Eliza Kendall, founder of ElizaJ, a company with franchises spreading throughout the Northeast and Southern U.S. regions, and the 2003 recipient of the Women’s Business Hall of Fame Start Up/Small Business Award.

ElizaJ – Ahead with Class
ElizaJ, providers of fine deliverable restrooms for catered outdoor events, has over 12 years experience in the special event business. Eliza Kendall founded the ElizaJ company (formerly Leave it to Liza) in 1997, after realizing that there was a continual need for attractive, impeccable, upscale self-contained restrooms. Focused entirely on quality products and first-rate customer service, ElizaJ, has a lengthy client list of caterers, party rental companies and outdoor event organizers.

Described as "elegant, refined and discreet" by a long client list of caterers, party rental companies, wedding planners and other high-end event organizers, ElizaJ focuses on top-of-the-line quality deliverable restrooms and dedicated, first-rate customer service. From music, and fresh flowers at the sink to designer soaps and lotions, name brand paper products, wicker waste baskets and air fresheners, ElizaJ provides deliverable restrooms of distinction.

The company has catered to an esteemed client list that includes General Motors, IBM, ESPN, Microsoft, Genzyme, Smith Kline Beecham, Sprint, McKinsey and Company, GE, Fidelity, State Street Bank, Paul Wiley and the Kennedy family. Being a former events manager, Kendall understands the "battle" conditions in making events run smoothly, and oftentimes serves as a walking Rolodex to clients, which greatly adds to the value of ElizaJ services.

ElizaJ corporate offices are located in Harwich, MA. For more information, contact 800-437-1139; email info@elizaJ.com or visit their website at www.elizaj.com.

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