Web 2.0 Gossipcraze user Lands on a Big Win With Mcdonalds Monopoly

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Published: Mon Nov 03 2008

One lucky Internet user has landed it big time with the McDonalds Monopoly game in the United States. McDonalds is running its famous Monopoly game, where participants who purchase certain food items from the McDonalds menu receive tokens. Winning prizes range from $50.00 up to a whopping $1,000,000.

It is a known fact that there are rare pieces and patrons have been taking to the Internet to broaden their chances of success. Chat-rooms, blogs, and one website in particular is a Web 2.0 Gossip and News portal, called Gossip Craze. The site has received thousands of hits and hundreds of members signing up to find or swap that lucky Monopoly piece.

Market Manager Ms. Mandy Smith has reported that one lucky user emailed the company thanking them that they had in fact managed to swap one of the rare McDonalds Monopoly pieces.

"We only recently launched this Web 2.0 portal and although it was designed for fun and entertainment, people have been uploading various articles - from celebrity gossip, college news, to this latest McDonalds Monopoly craze. We are excited to see that people have caught on to the Web 2.0 experience, where it is the user who controls the content, and in this case it seems one user has made quite good use out of the Web 2.0 experience."

"We are unsure exactly as to the details of the winner, what we can say is that it all started on the 15th October 2008, when a user added a Web 2.0 page titled "McDonalds Monopoly Games Secrets" stating that they had found the secrets to the McDonalds Monopoly Game. From there hundreds of users visited the site and a lot started posting comments offering to purchase, trade and or swap certain pieces from the game."

"We received an email from a user stating that she had in fact successfully swapped a rare piece of the latest McDonalds Monopoly Game and would be celebrating it in true style."

"We monitor the site for spam and other non-conforming content, however, we do not get involved in the political or business side of the users content. Web 2.0 is about allowing the users to control the content that they upload, so we do not interfere with the content unless we receive advice to the contrary."

Some of the comments from the McDonalds Monopoly Secrets page:

"I need kentuky and ventnor can trade for oriental , connecticut, St james, electric company also have park please email me".

"ok i live in delaware & i neeeed Golden Avenue pennsylvania Avenue Tennessee Avenue Short Line Ventor Avenue virginia Avenue Mediterranean Avenue BOARDWALK Kentucky Avenue Vermont Avenue & Water Works Those are the ones i need i will trade with anyone or give me the piece i need & i will split the winnings with you. My email is

"Hey everybody, looking for kentucky, and ventnor. Willing to split 50/50 all winnings. I HAVE TONS of pieces, email me at..."

There has been a lot of controversy over the game rules and what patrons do with the lucky tokens.

One previous year, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital located in Tennessee received an anonymous letter postmarked Dallas, Texas, containing a $1 million McDonalds Monopoly winning game piece. Although game rules prohibited the transfer of prizes, at that time, McDonald's waived the rule and has made the annual $50,000 instalments to the lucky hospital.

Web 2.0 Definition - From Wikipedia

"Web 2.0 is a term describing changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to enhance creativity, secure information sharing, collaboration and functionality of the web.

Tim O'Reilly regards Web 2.0 as business embracing the web as a platform and using its strengths, for example global audiences. O'Reilly considers that Eric Schmidt's abridged slogan, don't fight the Internet, encompasses the essence of Web 2.0 " building applications and services around the unique features of the Internet, as opposed to expecting the Internet to suit as a platform."
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