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Published: Sun Apr 17 2005

The book consists of two novellas, which will entertain and delight. The stories themselves are as different as night and day. The reader will be amazed at the sheer versatility Mario S. Fedele puts forth.

His tales are as imaginative as any conceived by JK Rowling and as fast-paced as those of RL Stine. Not only that, "Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1" comes highly recommended by anyone who has had the pleasure to sample its pages.

Donna Laird states, "In ‘Stories For A Stormy Night, Vol. 1,’ Mario S. Fedele has written two great stories to read on a dark night curled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and a blanket to cover your head at times. I highly recommend this book as a great read. I look forward to seeing more of this author’s work." In regard to the first of the two novellas, Peter R. Harris writes, "’The Fear-O-Lots’ is a charming tale by Canadian author, Mario S. Fedele… It is a great story crammed with magic and mystery. It has a simple, yet finely constructed plot that moves along at a breath-taking pace--a real page-turner. But it is also a story with a poignant message for all of us and it is the amalgamation of these two elements that makes this novella unique…I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Fear-O-Lots’ and look forward to reading more from this talented writer." Concerning the second novella in the series, Vicki Stowers has this to say, "‘A Sickness by any Other Name’ is a story that will capture your attention from the beginning. It is here where Mario S. Fedele’s talent as a writer really shines. Even more so than the first, this tale is full of surprises, of twists and turns…. The ending, which comes all too soon, is sure to surprise and will make one think long and hard the next time they step out. I highly recommend Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1."

In the fashion of JK Rowling, Mario S. Fedele’s stories are written with such clarity and imagination they are certain to engage the young reader. The fact that the action is fast-paced also contributes greatly to that end. Furthermore, filled with fresh ideas and novel situations, the young reader is sure to remain riveted to every page.

These days, with so many venues vying for young people’s attention, anything that draws them to the written word is to be lauded. In this regard, great strides have been made by JK Rowling. Considering Mario S. Fedele’s own offering and its aforementioned qualities, "Stories for a Stormy Night, Vol. 1" has the earmarks that will spur young folk into reading and should thus be viewed as a fine contribution to the literary world.

Mario S. Fedele

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