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Published: Fri Nov 07 2008

How do I use PokerStove? What do the stats in PokerTracker and Hold’em Manager mean? What should I have displayed in my Heads Up Display? What’s the proper way to use an ICM calculator? Should I buy one of those Poker Cheating Programs that I heard one of my friends talking about? These kinds of questions have engulfed the poker software forum on since the site has been officially open to the public.

PokerStove is one of the premier poker odds calculators and allows you to measure up a player’s hand against a range that an opponent could hold. It’s a central tool at the disposal of the world’s top online poker players. However, unless a player knows how its results are calculated and what they mean, PokerStove is not useful. came to the rescue with a complete guide on how to use PokerStove, written by a team of software experts.

Setting up the proper stats configuration in a Heads Up Display is extremely important to deducing what opponents are likely to do at the tables. Understanding what these stats mean is even more paramount.’s own Chris "Fox" Wallace has authored a guide to HUD stat configurations and definitions in order to get players off on the right foot. Learn what VPIP ranges mean, what TAF tells about players, and the best way to exploit a player with a low WSD.

ICM calculators increase a poker player’s ability to dominate the late stages of tournaments. However, the assumptions that these calculators employ do not take into account factors like a player’s skill level, table image, and how other stacks at the table may react to one another. It’s important to learn the concepts that ICM calculators use to provide information, but at the same time take it with a grain of salt. brings its readers a few factors to keep in mind when learning how to use ICM calculators.

Finally, programs that promise to give players access to every hole card at the table are oftentimes too good to be true. No poker software program out there can allow a player to see what others at the table are holding. It’s important to remember to research each program carefully. PokerSoftware recently downloaded an e-book for $50 that described how to gain access to more than one set of hole cards by assembling a complicated multi-CPU system that masked IP addresses. However, a team of experts shows readers why it won’t work in reality.

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