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From: Swiftpro recruitment software
Published: Mon Apr 18 2005

The trialware version of CVPlus Visual 2.1 recruitment software stands out for two distinct reasons. First, CVPlus Visual trialware is fully functional software. There are no missing or disabled features. Second, this trialware version of Swiftpro’s recruitment software has no time limit imposed. Users can spend as long as they wish evaluating the product. Instead, Swiftpro has simply limited the number of applicant and client records that can be created in the database to 500. Users can convert from the evaluation copy of CVPlus Visual to a fully registered version at anytime by simply purchasing a license key.

Advantages of try-before-you-buy are the prospective customer actually gets to see the software perform before any money changes hands. The user can ensure the software is compatible with their system, hardware and other applications. Swiftpro believes one of the great strengths of trialware is that prospective business customers can compare and contrast different recruitment software packages on a level playing field, and at their own pace. On balance, Swiftpro is confident that its CVPlus Visual recruitment software offers World-beating functionality and performance at a very competitive price.

Ideal for staffing companies and corporate HR departments, the current trialware version of CVPlus Visual offers an impressive array of functionality including automated CV/resume processing, integrated e-mail, letter, fax & SMS, 30+ customizable document templates, contact management, advanced applicant checks, customisable keyword directory, sophisticated multi-criteria search, instant Match feature, Quick CV Dispatch, excellent step-by-step job tracker, history notes, diary and management reports.

CVPlus Visual instantly generates a shortlist of qualified applicants to match an open job. Users can track and manage every step of the recruitment process from a single screen. The software also provides all the tools necessary to manage and successfully market a recruitment company, attract clients, maintain profitable business relationships and promote growth.

Built in July 2002, today BrotherSoft.com offers over 30,000 shareware and freeware titles. But BrotherSoft.com is more than just another free download website, they carefully evaluate software based on established assessment criteria, which is submitted by developers. They also give the software developer an honest opinion of their handiwork. BrotherSoft.com’s intention is that the evaluation process will help software developers provide a continually better service to their customers and end users.

Distributing trialware helps companies such as Swiftpro attract new clients, penetrate new market segments, and allows companies to monitor who is using and buying their software. This is an invaluable form of mass market testing, and creates opportunities for software suppliers and customers to come together, do business, and develop the products and services of the future.

To learn more about Swiftpro you can visit www.swiftpro.com, you can download a trialware version of CVPlus Visual recruitment software at www.brothersoft.com. To discover how shareware might improve your software sales and marketing activity visit the Association of Shareware Professionals website at www.asp-shareware.com.

About Swiftpro
Developing advanced recruitment software since 1991, UK based Swiftpro Ltd. has earned an international reputation for delivering powerful, innovative business solutions that consistently surpass client expectations.

Swiftpro combines industry knowledge and technical expertise to help recruiters stay ahead of the competition. Its leading edge recruitment software and integrated services lower operating costs, increase productivity and optimise the use of limited resources.

Working in partnership with its wholly owned subsidiary in Sohpia, Bulgaria, Swiftpro also offers CV/resume formatting and input services, web design and job board development.

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