First Recession Novel to be Published in December

From: Pantonne Press
Published: Mon Nov 10 2008

The first novel of the recession will be released in December by Pantonne Press. Rocket Man by William Elliott Hazelgrove is already being heralded as the "American Novel" of the middle class.A story of a man struggling to keep his home in a suburb of Chicago has lit up the cyberworld with seasoned Amazon reviewers declaring it the "best novel they ever read." The satire of life in suburbia started out small with a Chicago based press that saw it as a book with something different. "We are always on the lookout for a novel that might be the next great American novel, Cathy Ciske, publisher of Pantonne Press," said. "Rocket Man sums up what is happening now. It is what middle class families all over American are going through." The reviewers feel the same.

Grady Harp, the sixth ranked reviewer of, said. "Rocket Man is a brilliant piece of writing, a work that meticulously dissects contemporary American life with such a keen eye that the author is able to catch passing glances at us all." In the first novel to deal with life in American in the post consumer age, Rocket Man is an update to previous novels like Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections where the story is set in the boom years of the early millenium. "This book is really the first to deal with America as it is going to be now. We are all going to have to change and the main character Dale Hammer is that transtion figure into the new era," Author William Hazelgrove says from his studio in Ernest Hemingways birthplace."We are headed back to something resembling a forties economy and Rocket Man chronicles this man disengaging from the old world and heading into the new one."

Rocket Man is due to be released December 1st.
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