Asset Exchange Group widens their focus to include the Franchise Industry!

Published: Wed Nov 12 2008

Mr. Daniel Cordoba, CEA, Principal of Asset Exchange Group, LLC, is expanding the opportunity for individual investors with 401k and IRA investments to become Franchise Owners. Mr. Cordoba has been doing the same for investors with Real Estate and Business Funding since 2000, and is considered the "Guru" of the Self Directed IRA. "I see a major trend happening in the investment world where investors do not trust the Market, the Fund Managers, or anyone else involved in the management of their retirement accounts" says Mr. Cordoba. "Gaining control of your retirement account using any of the products we offer provides you with options that most people are not aware of. I want to be sure that Franchisees and Business Owners alike have the same opportunity; take control of your future."

The corporate expansion of Asset Exchange Group, LLC could not be better timed. With Investor confidence at extreme lows, and Franchise Investment on the rise, Asset Exchange Group, LLC is poised for major growth while allowing more people to invest into Franchises through monies typically considered illiquid. If you have these types of investment vehicles and want to see how to enjoy full tax benefits, start with equity and not incur debt, and become profitable that much sooner because of it.
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