Research Grant Available for Studying Homicide Investigation Techniques

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Published: Thu Nov 13 2008, a non-profit research organization, has announced a new research grant for studying the use of psychic detectives in homicide investigations. According to research coordinator, Dr. Joni Johnston, the study is much needed:

"It happens all the time… law enforcement professional are faced with the prospect of using ‘psychic detectives’ in homicide investigations. This is often initiated by relatives of the victim who’ve seen such cases on television and want the same results in their case. Given the controversial nature of psychic abilities, it’s understandable that research has lagged behind what’s going on in the field, but it’s also clear that we have to take a closer look at what’s going on and determine when and if it’s effective. We hope this study will illustrate how rigorous and credible research can be conducted on a topic that, despite its controversial nature, is gaining acceptance among many homicide investigators, and holds great interest to the public they serve."

The research grant of $2,000 is intended for students with a masters or doctoral degree in criminal justice, criminology, or a related social science field. Candidates with experience working with police organizations, or other applied settings preferred. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Dr. Johnston at:

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