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From: Blue Lotus Living
Published: Mon Apr 18 2005

Why are so many people living in lack, scarcity, with broken relationships, and struggling to get by? Why are so many people frustrated and discontent? Carmellita M. Brown and BLUE LOTUS LIVING seek to answer this question in online training course entitled Abundance Training 101: The Law of Abundance. In this dynamic online course, aspirants will gain the tools and skills to materialize abundance in their life.

According to Ms. Brown, "Wealth, success, financial freedom, loveā€¦are all energy. Energy follows thought. If you are willing to renew your mind with skills and tools to operate in divine flow, then you will experience material manifestations of abundance in every area of your life."

Abundance Training 101: The Law of Abundance is not only motivational, it is also a skill-building course. Each person who enrolls in this awe-inspiring online course will gain the following skills:

1. Skills to claim their right to live abundantly.
2. Skills to use thoughts, attention, and immutable consistency to change expectations.
3. Skills to align your expectations with your true and "hidden" desires.
4. Skills in self-development to prevent self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors.
5. Skills to practice Universal and Spiritual Laws and principles that govern abundance.
6. Skills to actualize true desires and ignite passion.
7. Skills to operate in the divine flow of love, devotion, optimal health, wealth, success, peace and order.

"With these skills," says Ms. Brown, "aspirants will gain wisdom and knowledge learned and mastered by some of the worlds most renowned and celebrated Success Philosophers and Success Coaches."

Abundance Training 101: The Law of Abundance is the first course in the Abundance Training Course of Study. You will be empowered to live the life you always wanted. If you are ready to live with purpose, wealth, and success, then you must enroll in this online course today at:

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