Integrity Financial AZ (IFAZ) Launches a New Web Site to Reach Out to Wall Street’s Weary Investors

From: Integrity Financial AZ Company
Published: Fri Nov 14 2008

Integrity Financial AZ announces today the the launch of their new Web site,, that aims to convince clients about security they can earn by investing with the company.

In an environment where investors are feeling insecure and scared about Wall Street, the IFAZ LLC is boasting about retaining 99 percent of their clients. They claim that renewal of accounts by clients even after maturity is an indication of their trust on the company.

"Though investors are trying to avoid such dangers by liquidating their retirement funds with a fixed rate CD, the company believes the interest rate of 3-4 percent is unlikely to make up for the drastic losses they may have incurred. High levels of corruption and malpractices do not help the situation either," says Stanley Paulic, CEO of IFAZ LLC. "Our clients consistently make 10 percent on their invested funds. Their returns are contractually guaranteed," adds Paulic.

IFAZ is ensuring safety and consistency while honoring their contracts. Their investments are not open to all and they only take on 7-10 new clients monthly, encouraging private lending with guaranteed contractual returns.

Traditionally, people have considering retirement plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs as safety nets and not wealth builders. They know that enhanced interest rates may help multiply their income. A possibility in the investment paradigm shifting seems unlimited and the company is trying to cash in on it.

Investor confidence has steadily eroded since 2000 and the old financial planner adage that the stock market is going up forever is falling on deaf ears. A study of the market trends during the last few months is enough to offer real insight into the situation.

In their bid to retain old customers and attract new ones, the company denounces the system of financial agencies preventing customers from diversifying their investments in other profitable channels. Such a ploy only aims at more profit for the financier, irrespective of losses incurred by the investors. They state, "IFAZ has the clear intention of enabling you to have sufficient funds in your self-directed IRA and full control over your investment decisions with a minimum of two year's commitment," declares Paulic.

With separate and distinct accounts, investors may expect the 10 percent returns only a small number of investors are presently enjoying. "Clients should take control of their own financial affairs and choose such investment plans that remain unaffected by market fluctuations. This will satisfy their urge to break away from the ups and downs of the Wall Street," states Steven Long, president of IFAZ LLC.

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Integrity Financial AZ Company, a leading financial investment agency in the United States is located in Phoenix, AZ., and is now expanding its area of operations to Greenville, S.C. Founded by Steven R. Long, president, and Stanley M. Paulic, CEO, the company aims to provide clients with financial independence and assured returns as high as three times the normal bank CDs. If you have more questions about the company, please contact us at 888-432-8552 or log-on to our frequently asked questions section at
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