In tune with learning music electronically

When music teachers and students first heard about the IMUTUS interactive tuition many were sceptical about its ability to improve upon traditional learning. Today, evaluation evidence suggests that it has a really strong great potential of making music education more fun, entertaining and effective than ever before.

Night of the Intruders - 60 Years On

In early March 1945, the German Luftwaffe, in an isolated display of resistance, developed a tactic which, had it been deployed earlier, could have neutralised the WWII operations of Royal Air Force Bomber Command.

Reproduction Suffragette Badges - Rare Emblems Now Available

The Suffragette movement, which utilised marketing and propoganda mechanisms to propogate their messages, made good use of badges, pins and buttons. These highly collectable items are extremely scarce, and today Portrayer Publishers, England have released a range of modern reproductions in enamel and metal button types.

Solving Graduate Design Employment Problems

Leading creative IT training company, Mekon Learning puts its major creative design customers in touch with multimedia design school students. Students are set live briefs by client companies and their work promoted and used commercially. Students gain experience and excellent portfolio.