Funky Bots Launches Atomic Bands for Smart Bluetooth Body Motion Gaming

Funky Bots announces the launch of Atomic Bands on IndieGoGo. Atomic Bands are smart bluetooth gaming and the first wearables for gesture based gameplay. They feature advanced bluetooth motion tracking, single or multi player options. No camera or remote control needed and most of all these bands teach players real skills. Features include: gesture recognition, haptics for advanced rhythm training and a rad wireless oracle charging station. Play augmented reality games and make fitness fun.

The Most Exciting Kickstarter Campaign of 2017, Life Sliding - An Indie Film Project Launches at Kic

Life Sliding LLC initiates its Kickstarter campaign for an indie film based on S. L. Mauldin’s thought-provoking young adult book “Life Sliding.” Atlanta; March 6, 2017: Atlanta-based Life Sliding LLC launches a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of an indie film based on S. L. Mauldin’s young adult book “Life Sliding.” The full-length feature film-in-the-making speaks of a socially relevant and timely story that revolves around three youths as they maneuver through their adolescent years and their experience with bullying, stereotyping, hate and death.